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Here is why Some Rwandan online media are still collapsing

If I use the word “collapsing” I’m not going to be contradictory to the progress achieved in online media business, but, in any way I’m going to show you the two reasons why the online Media business in Rwanda will not get an easy touching to its zenith point.

It is after the Genocide against the Tutsi that the new Rwandan Generation saw the massive increase of the media of all kinds (radio, TV and online Media).

Since that starting point, investors in online Media have been harvesting enough money due to the fresh appetite that the audience had at the time contrary to today’s business environment where the audience have started to lose the appetite due to the shrinking content quality.

Even if I am not able to know how much money each online Rwandan media collects annually, but with my seven years of experience working in this industry, I had the chance to know the reality in this honest business but with the thirsty stomach.

The reality on the ground is that Government sponsored media live with the less hunger than those said to be “Private Media.”

For instance if we look at online Media or Modern Media Business, you will find that only two media in Rwanda can continue to sustain their business in case they kept the spirit of providing quality content to the general public.

However there is chance that more other private online media will raise if they have long-term vision for their Media companies.

But still there is a persistent stay in a ruined situation especially for those investing our empty pocket in the business that is benefiting some while we as investors are working as charity organizations collecting a 10,000 Rwf donation from “good” Public Relations Officers in Government and Private Institutions.

We described them as “good” simply because at least you manage to get a ticket or an Internet bundle at that time waiting for a new day to come

I hope those working in such conditions understands very quickly what I meant when I touch to our survival as online media practitioners.

Hitting my point despite having spent a lot of time on describing our personal living conditions, here are two reasons why online media business owners will stay ruined if no tangible measures taken.

  • Lack of patience

Many people in Modern media are looking for immediate financial income from the work they are doing. However this is one of the reasons that are ruining media companies in Rwanda when that immediate money is not coming.

Patience is the willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.

I remember how the CEO of IGIHE.COM used to tell us how he struggled in early years of his company’s establishment. His testimony shows how his patience led his company’s news website to the level of being the Rwandan Popular website. Today this company is an example of good website that is generating enough money from the diversified services without losing the long-term focus.

Not only in Media but also in any business, if you lose the patience it means that you had no long-term vision of what you are doing and we should know that running an online media house is first a blessing and second as sacrifice being made towards future positive results.

  • Fighting for traffic

The second reason reading to the total collapse of some Rwandan online media is fighting for traffic and website hits.

When you focus more on traffic you are likely to lose the quality content and also forget your business goal.

Recently we attended media training and one of the topics of discussions was on making money with the use of online media.

Really the time has come for digital media practitioners to make money online. Some even have testified how they are making so much money for instance from the YouTube channels and others from Google AdSense.

That’s really good innovation. However a number of social media channels and media owners have been taken to the court of justice after being locked in the trap of fighting for the Internet traffic, viewership and hits.

Fighting for the Internet traffic and using harmful or unprofessional content to meat hook the audience is another reason why some Rwandan online media will stuck into a ruined situation hence continue to blame the Government or another for their poverty problems.

Rather than hooking the audience with the unprofessional means, it could be better to invest more effort in pitching potential clients showing them what you can do and how you can partner with them to advance their business in an agreement that can lead to your media’s financial harvest.

There are so many opportunities online that can help us, we, online media owners, to generate income in a better way than fighting for traffic with the poisonous content.

So let us have patience and abide to the professionalism as we prepare an informed society that will read, follow, interact and partner with our media based on an informed decision.

Written by: DUSABEMUNGU Ange de la Victoire


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