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Rwanda Green Fund and local communities to hold special Umuganda at Green City Kigali site in Kinyinya

View of Murama Hill in Kinyinya. Photo: TOPAFRICANEWS

The Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) and local communities living in and around the Green City Kigali site in Kinyinya Sector are organising a special Umuganda in partnership with the German Development Cooperation through KfW Development Bank. During the Umuganda on 30 November 2019, the fund and implementing team will present the Green City Kigali and discuss how the project will improve livelihoods, create jobs and protect our natural environment.

The Green City Kigali is a flagship project to create new sustainable neighbourhood for low and middle-income residents in Kinyinya Sector, Kigali. The sustainable and affordable development will integrate green building and design, efficient and renewable energy, recycling and inclusive living as well as homegrown solutions and local construction materials.

View of Murama Hill in Kinyinya. Photo: TOPAFRICANEWS

The pioneering project, which will sit on 600 hectares, is expected to serve as a model for sustainable urban development that can be replicated across Rwanda and the wider region.

The Green City Kigali is a demonstration of Rwanda’s commitment to address climate change and rapid urbanisation.

The project aims to foster a paradigm shift towards green urbanisation and is designed to reduce the environmental footprint of the city while promoting community and economic development.

The project is expected to benefit 150,000 people and provide 30,000 housing units for residents. It will also support the adoption of low carbon technologies and job creation, with a potential to create approximately 16,000 jobs when fully developed.

This special Umuganda will serve as a platform for the community, local authorities and stakeholders to give their input into the development of the Green City Kigali and to ensure their concerns and needs are addressed. The presentation by the project team will raise awareness about the Green City Kigali’s values and long-term vision.

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