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Don Bosco Rango TVET School, a school fighting for the quality of education for Youth from poor families

Father Jean Pierre Turabanye, SDB, Director of Don Bosco Rango TVET School


The Rango Youth Centre has been in existence for around 40 years since it was founded in the 1980s.

Father Jean Pierre Turabanye, a Salesian who lives in Rango explained that the centre was established to accommodate young Salesians who were preparing to become priests and that they lived there and attended classes in Nyakibanda.

Later after the centre now serves as the space for Technical and Vocational Education for young people, a big number of them come from poor families and for this reason Salesians also have to play a crucial role in seeking funding for the wellbeing of young people attending the class.

Father Jean Pierre Turabanye, SDB, is in charge of the School Direction which is now called Don Bosco Rango TVET School.

“We have students who come from around and they are enrolled in six training courses, notably, construction, carpentry, Hospitality, Sewing, hairdressing and also welding.” Explains Father Jean Pierre.

But, he explains, the Hairdressing section was recently added to educate how to take care of hair, skin, nails, etc.

Father Jean Pierre says that this year 2020, the school has had the large number of students’ registration compared to the past years and therefore, he adds, of 65 students of the past year today “we have more than 100 students already registered to start the Classes.”

“From the side of staff, there are ten teachers, the Deputy in Charge of Studies, the Deputy in charge of discipline who is assisted by two German volunteers so the centre has a sufficient staff to be able to supervise young students.” He said

The smooth running of the School, thanks to the benefactors

On the other hand, because the greatest number of young people who attend this school come from poor families, the Salesians also do all possible to seek funding to be able to cater for them.

This is how there are benefactors who help them through different projects. The Key donors of the centre are Procure Bonn Germany, Madrid Procure, and others.

“It is mainly for the support of professional training, that is to say in the equipment and even materials for the workshops.” Father Jean Pierre added.

To cater for the youth, Salesians also seek funding to feed young people for free

“Apart from that we are also looking for funding for feeding the students because most of the students come from far away, they have no means. So to be able to help them to follow the courses well and finish at 4 pm then we are looking for funding to ensure the midday meal because there is nothing they can do for their feeding” Father Jean Pierre explained to us.

Students take lunch at no cost thanks to the help of donors.

Don Bosco Tech Africa moves to modernize TVET Schools in Africa

This year the Don Bosco Tech Africa organization which started six years ago is committed to helping improve the quality of vocational training in Africa and this year Don Bosco Rango TVET school has been selected among the centres in Africa which will benefit from aid for modernization through technical training.

Hairdressing Section and Hospitality section will benefit from Don Bosco Tech Africa Modernisation Program

“We benefited from this aid for the hairdressing section and Hospitality section. For Hospitality section, we will benefit from a new workshop which will be established in a new building because we are going to build a new building with classrooms, and in this new building there is space provided for the Hospitality and Kitchen courses” He says

He adds that there is also, always thanks to this assistance, for the hairdressing section, the school will have classes, all the equipment and even a hairdressing salon which will serve at the same time as the place of learning and even for Hairdressing business.

Apart from this, Don Bosco Rango TVET School has got other support which include other facilities such as for sports, for student field visits, etc.

“We can say that this centre benefits a lot and that is why we are able to provide quality education and especially training for the poor and young people who come from poor families.” Father Jean Pierre Turabanye concluded


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