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COVID 19: Neighbour giving a helping hand to Agatare Village as Rwanda continues Lock-down period

As Rwandan citizens continue to stay home during this period of total lockdown to avoid the spreading of Corona Virus; among the population, some citizens have gone through hardship due to lack of food since everyone in the country is requested to stay home and avoid unnecessary movement as the country continues mitigation measures for Corona Virus pandemic.

Since the official beginning of the two weeks lockdown which are likely to be extended, the Government has put in place various measures including providing food support to needy families and other persons who are unable to get food during this time.

The support delivery is being conducted in close collaboration with local leaders who are working on daily basis to ensure that most vulnerable citizens are supported during this hardship while waiting for the COVID 19 situation to come down.

Agatare village of Gasharu cell in the City of Kigali is one of the villages with a great number of citizens who were affected by the impacts of COVID 19.

The local administration is distributing food to needy persons going door per door, thanks to a benefactor who is donating Maize flour in his neighbourhood.

Head of Agatare Village distributing the support to the needy head of the Family

“Really with the help of our partner, we had to work with the heads of Isibo to distribute the help that we have, we choose the hungriest and then we will continue with others and so on.” Explains Rwamucyo Salomon, Head of Agatare Village.

With the total number of over 800 in need of the support in the area, over 600 persons have benefited from the support.

According to Niyonzima Gustave, the Executive Secretary of Gasharu Cell “Each person is being given between three to four Kilograms of Maize flour and beans.”

“This is what we are doing to save our people during this time we all have to stay at home so that our country can manage the situation” Niyonzima added.

At least 17 persons from each Isibo section have benefited from the support of a benefactor from this neighbourhood.

The village has almost 30 Isibo sections.

Uwizeyimana Claudine, a chief of Isibo Agaciro explains, that one should not be scared that the meal of the neediest will be diverted to undeserved beneficiary.

“In this village of Agatare we were fortunate to have benefactors who are helping us in this difficult time because of the pandemic of Coronavirus, we all do our best to distribute them so that nobody dies because of hunger”, Uwizeyimana said

As our reporter travelled in this village, he was able to witness how the population remain calm while following the guidelines given by the Government which include staying at home and avoiding unnecessary movement during the lockdown period.

For the local administration, there are trying to share available support starting with the most in need. Really the number of persons in need stay unalienable.

Hakizimana Jean Bosco is one of the beneficiaries of food today. He told us that he works as a casual labourer. But in this period of coronavirus, he cannot find a job to feed the family.

Gustave Niyonzima, Executive Secretary of Gasharu Cell having a chat with Habumuremyi Celestin who came up with the village support initiative

Habumuremyi Celestin, a citizen of this village firstly has used his own money to buy food for those in need. After finding that there are a large number of the hungry families, he approached his colleagues and fortunately they join hands to help the needy families living in this ecologically healthy village.

Habumuremyi works at Hope International, a Christian organization promoting the culture of saving for the future among local community.

“After entering this period of lockdown, I find that there are my neighbours who are going to have difficulty having the meal. I used my money to feed them. While working with the local administration we chose the neediest.” He explains.

As the number increases, I have addressed this problem to my colleagues whom we are working together. This is a young American couple. this couple has agreed to contribute a lot more and this is how we started to give to our citizens.” He added.





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