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Musanze: Young environmentalists donate relief foodstuff to teen mothers

Some members of Muhisimbi Voice of Youth in Conservation handing over foodstuff to teen mothers from Kinigi Sector. courtesy

A group of young environmentalists in Musanze District have raised Rwf2.4 million to support teen mothers in the district during the current COVID-19 lockdown.

Through their association, dubbed Muhisimbi Voice of Youth in Conservation, the environmentalists used the cash to buy 2,25 tons of maize flour, a ton of beans and 450 bars of soap which will be distributed to 90 teen mothers from around National Volcano Park.

The donation will be given to the beneficiaries during five weeks, according to officials from the association. The first batch of the donation was handed over to the teen mothers on Friday April 24th,  at Kinigi Sector premises.

Teen mothers, who are also school dropouts, are some of the vulnerable to economic impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Emmanuel Harelimana, the association president, said they had been inspired by the government’s call to help the most severely vulnerable members of society to cope with the economic consequences of COVID-19.

“We have realised that the teen mothers from around Volcano National Park notably in Kinigi Sector were being hit by the lockdown as they were no longer working and resolved that everyone should contribute according to their ability,” he said

“This was just a beginning, our ambition is to reach out to teen mothers from across the country during this lockdown as we have realised that they are hardly coping with these difficult moments,” added Harelimana

Muhisimbi Voice of Youth in Conservation is made up of a total of 22 members.

Some of the foodstuff that young environmentalists under Muhisimbi association donated to teen mothers from around Volcano National Park in Musanze District. Courtesy

To make their ambition a reality, Harelimana said, their association secured some additional funds from Margot Magget, a renowned English conservationist and friend of Rwanda whom they partner in their day-to-day conservation endeavours.

Magget funds were channeled through Kinigi-based Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge.

The teen mothers underscored that the donation was timely given the hardships they were going through due to the total lockdown.

“Previously, one would put food on table after getting daily wages from various activities that are so far no more due to the lockdown and our babies were prime victims. The donation that we are given is timely,” noted Stephanie Mukamana, one of the teen mothers

Kinigi Sector Executive Secretary, Innocent Twagirimana, welcomed the development saying, “It significantly contributed towards the welfare of the teen mothers and their babies as they are considered among most members of the society who are hardly coping with the lockdown,”

Early April, Muhisimbi Voice of Youth in Conservation also donated 500 kilograms of porridge flour and soaps to the same teen mothers from around National Volcano Park in Musanze District.


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