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Hope of Family and take-off strategies for vulnerable people

By Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

Normally it is difficult to take off a business entrepreneurship in a very conservative rural world where especially the public authorities do not redirect significant financial flows. Hope of Family thus adopts simple strategies consisting supporting financially and culturally vulnerable families in the remote area of Shyogwe Sector by helping them to emerge from the poverty line.

Families also get  trained in reading and understanding  the reality of the society, taking good care of their children, to whom they regularly follow up to inquire about the educational support they receive at school.

Hope of Family is a local NGO operating in the Kinini Village of the Shyogwe Sector, in Muhanga district. We supervise 100 families. They are chosen on the basis of extreme vulnerability allied with destitution. How we do it. Two components: strengthening capacity and creation of cultural leisure consisting setting up a book library where the people of the village come to read books written in Kinyarwanda.

With the frequentation of this community library, mothers, fathers and children reflect on their miserable conditions and how to overcome them.

Hope of Family grouped beneficiaries into cooperative which connects them and strengthens their unity as they look on possible way to graduate from the poverty line. At the start, Hope of Family built a pigsty for beneficiaries and gave them four pigs to breed. But that’s not all. They bought a land of one hectare for beneficiaries where they maintain a very productive banana plantation because of the natural fertilizer coming from the pigsty.

Hope of Family has lifted them to pass beyond the poverty line. They are at this level of satisfaction of basic family needs.

However one can wonder when will they take this psychological step to understand that they have to produce for the market and they too become businesswomen?

This question seems distant especially since Hope of Family, with its supervisors, must seriously animate the reading center by equipping it with a cinema screen to project images relating to productive experiences elsewhere so they can cope.

The organization is aware that the main sponsor, the American Jessica, with her Running Chicken Foundation, will continue to support this local NGO which will accompany the beneficiaries of the NGO program until they understand that they can grow enough to support themselves and think of founding micro and small agro-food processing companies based on their agricultural production.


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