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Burundian refugees in Rwanda not ready to return

The results of the presidential election, putting CNDD-FDD in mind, frighten them: Burundian refugees in Rwanda would like to return to their country, but they dare not.

Despite their desire to return home, Burundian refugees in various countries, including Rwanda, do not intend to respond to the call to return to the country launched by the winner of the presidential election, Evariste Ndayishimiye. They seem to be waiting, before returning to Burundi, for guarantees, not mere words.

Because for them, if the face of the winner is new to the presidency, the system remains the same. Frederic Ndayisenga does not take seriously the call made by the future president, Evariste Ndayishimiye, who asked them to return to the country. “He succeeds President Pierre Nkurunziza, he was already baptized” Samuragwa “, in English it means someone who comes to continue, complete the projects of his predecessor,” he said. And to confide: “From there, you understand that it is difficult to be reassured”.

Human rights violations

Female activist exiled in Kigali since 2015, Marie Louise Baricako does not believe this call either. She believes that it will be up to the refugees to judge when they can return. “Human rights violations of all kinds, assassinations, enforced disappearances targeting particularly political opponents or those who are perceived as such are no secret to anyone,” she insists. “When serenity and tranquility reign across the country, we will know that things are on the right track. “

Refugee in Belgium for security reasons, Elvis Kwizera, young politician, poses as main condition: the resumption by the new president of the dialogue with the opponents in order to give guarantees that could allow their return. For Marc Kirura, a Burundian exiled in Manchester since 2015, the speech of the future president seems fanciful. Managing refugees requires more seriousness and concrete action. “Evariste Ndayishimiye, the new president-elect should give the refugees more confidence so that they can return, through concrete measures. For example, the cessation of the causes that pushed these refugees to leave their homeland. “

The UNHCR mentions more than 300,000 Burundian refugees in different countries of the subregion, not counting those on other continents.

On Monday, the Burundian electoral commission declared the candidate of the ruling party Evariste Ndayishimiye wide winner of the presidential election with 68.72% of the votes, far ahead of Agathon Rwasa (24.19%).


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