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Rwanda: Inspire Women to Development donates food stuff to vulnerable Families amidst COVID 19

Kigali, 29th May 2020: Inspire Women to Development (IWD) – Tabara Program has donated food stuff to 30 vulnerable beneficiaries’ families after the COVID 19 pandemic triggered negative impacts to their living conditions as most of them are women who struggle to feed themselves and their dependants.
The donation which was handed over to 30 families who live in Nyabisindu Cell, Remera Sector in Gasabo District, is part of the COVID 19 Emergency response channelled through TABARA program – Managed by Mr. Tamir Sher. IWD has programs  aiming to improving living conditions and foster entrepreneurship to their beneficiaries.
Uwera Jane, the Chairperson of Inspire Women to Development (IWD)
explains that the organization that was started by six women has been advocating for the vulnerable families who are facing the drastic impacts of COVID 19 which was worsened by the lockdown measures imposed across the country in order to stop the spreading of COVID 19.
She revealed that “After advocacy, we were fortunate to get some
amount of money donated by the friends of IWD and that amount was used
to purchase food stuff which we donated to the most affected families.”
“In total, today we were able to hand over 150 Kg of rice, 150 Kg of
posho, 60Kg of beans as well as cooking oil to each family among those
30 families who are most affected.” Uwera adds.
She also thanked companies who contributed to this benevolent act,
namely Popconn co. Ltd owned by Mr. Kang as well as Green Kids Clubs,
a US based child focused organization led by Sylvia M. Medina.
Mrs. Uwera requests beneficiaries of Inspire Women to Development
(IWD) to follow Government Directives which are in place in order to
contain the spread of Corona Virus.
“Ensure cleanness at home, wash hands and wear face masks. No
unnecessary movements to keep families safe.” She urged.
Normally, Inspire Women to Development supports 100 families among them 30 families were selected to benefit from this donation due their
TOPAFRICANEWS has learnt that if there were more means, all families would have benefited from the support.
Mrs. Uwera says that “The IWD will continue to advocate for all
families and keep sharing with them whenever there is something to

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