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Renovation of Houses for 5 Hope of Family beneficiaries starts

Hope of Family has commenced to renovate houses of five beneficiaries who have been affected by the recent torrential rain which destroyed houses and many more properties in Shyogwe Sector of Muhanga District, in the Southern Province of Rwanda.

Last month, Emmanuel MFATENEZA, HoF Executive Director explained that the recent torrential rain in Muhanga district has also had negative impacts on HoF beneficiaries where some beneficiaries’ houses and properties were destroyed by the downpours.

However, he added that, as emergency response, Hope of family immediately paid for their temporary accommodation as reconstruction of the damaged houses is set to begin soon.

As of today, 11th June 2020, activities of reconstructing the damaged houses have begun with the support from local community as well as from the beneficiaries’ side who will be playing also their parts in this important activity.

Mfateneza explained that Hope of Family will pay for construction cost; buy metal sheets or local made clay roofing sheets as well as ensure that they are finalized so beneficiaries can return to their homes soon.

He added that neighbors also are giving a hand to this cause.

In past many other Beneficiaries also benefited from the Home renovation program since their houses were in critical status

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