July 15, 2024


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SOS Rwanda food support to reach 1053 families amidst COVID 19

SOS Rwanda has released support valued at Rwf 27 million to reach about 1053 vulnerable families who have been mostly affected by the impacts of COVID 19.

In this context on Wednesday, SOS donated to 135 poor families in Kabuye and Bweramvura cells in Jabana Sector in Gasabo District. The support is made of food stuff and hygiene materials.

At the event, each family received 25 Kg of maize flour, 12,5 Kg of beans, 6 parcels of soap, 1Kg of salt and 1 little of cooking oil.

Beneficiaries said that the donations will help them to cope with the challenges which were due to the COVID 19 pandemic that has heavily affected their living condition especially during the lockdown period.

They explained that during the lockdown their families progress was hindered back since they were not able to go out for small jobs which normally enable them to survive.

These beneficiaries are made of people who can do small jobs to nourish the families while others wait for the benefactors’ support to make a living.

Despite having the main objective to help homeless children by giving them a family, home and a strong foundation for an independent and secure life, SOS Rwanda has been working also at the community level where it supports poor families to alleviate them from poverty.

Mukamusoni Dorothe, a resident in Jabana Sector, Kabuye Cell commends SOS Rwanda for the continuous support to her family of which SOS Rwanda has donated a cow which is now providing milk to not only her family but also to the neighbors.

On food support, Mukarurangwa Editha from Bweramvura Cell confirms that the provided support will help families during the whole month and the money that should have been used to buy food within the month will be utilized in responding to the other socio-economic issues in their respective families.

“With this support from SOS, our family development will change towards another level” She says.

Rwamucyo Louis, the Executive Secretary of Jabana Sector urged beneficiaries to use the support by feeding well their families rather than selling them to their neighbors.

He noted that SOS Rwanda seeks to see their living conditions improving.

Moise Mutabazi, the Director of SOS Rwanda requested that the food support be efficiently used to nourish their children since SOS Rwanda main activities mostly target children wellbeing.

He revealed that the same charity activities are being conducted in other districts namely Kayonza, Nyamagabe and Gicumbi. The total cost of this charity valued at Rwf 27 million.




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