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Hope of Family rehabilitates more Houses as time for rain season is coming

Within the time rain season is coming, Hope of Family, a National Non-Governmental Organization which operates in Muhanga District, Southern Province of Rwanda has started to rehabilitate 20 damaged houses belonging to 20 direct beneficiary families. 

20 Houses which belongs to 20 Direct beneficiaries of Hope of Family were damaged in May when Rwanda’s Southern province in Muhanga District was hit by a heavy downpour which destroyed various infrastructures including houses belonging to Hope of Family beneficiaries.

Recently, other five beneficiaries received their renovated houses, thanks to Hope of Family support and participation of the beneficiary community who greatly contributed to the renovation work.

According to Mr. Mfateneza Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Hope of Family, “within our capacity we are trying to a little bit strengthen those damaged houses as we are entering in rain season.”

However, he adds, “As  means increase, we will look at how we can strengthen them more as we did for our previous beneficiaries.”


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