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COVID 19 and Hope of Family Talent Detection Program

We have reported much on the effects that COVID 19 has brought to various sectors including Education, Economy, Social, political and Entertainment as well as Religion.

Today, we choose to focus on Talent detection program which was being implemented by Hope of Family before the outbreak of the pandemic.

 To learn more about the program and how it was affected by COVID 19 we talked to Mr. MFATENEZA Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Hope of Family (HoF), a local NGO which supports poor families in Shyogwe Sector of Muhanga District in the Southern Province of Rwanda


TOPAFRICANEWS: Tell us about HoF Talent Detection Program:

Mr. MFATENEZA Emmanuel: Talent detection program is in line with enabling child to identify which talent he or she has. Once a talent is detected, we support them to develop it and make sure that it is the right talent. Beneficiaries of this program are children from the Hope of Family beneficiaries’ families. We receive them and hand them to a qualified trainer who accompany them throughout the talent development process.

Which talents are dominating among children?

Every child has the right to tell which talent he/she wants to develop and here we have qualified trainer as I mentioned before, who are capable of supporting the child in the development of the chosen talent. It is through this process that a trainer can also Identify another talent from the child which might be different from the one he/she has chosen. Such scenarios happen when a child’s choice is influenced by his/her peers in different talents team. So far, we are helping the development of Football talents, drawing talents and talents in Rwandan Traditional aspects. Our role also is to make sure that every child has got a talent through our detection programs.

How many talented children have you identified so far?

Today we have 30 children in football domain, 30 in Rwandan traditional dance and 5 in drawing domain. We help them bearing in mind that they will gain from the talents in future. The program also socialises our children and feel the happiness of being together with peers. It also brings confidence among children.

Tell us about the effects of COVID 19 on Talent detection Program?

To comply with COVID 19 prevention measures, we have postponed the program as we wait for life to come back to normal. As you know we have to ensure social distancing and other measures like avoiding mass meetings, or groups. Today we encourage children to use radio and follow the lessons that are aired based on calendar. However, we are also looking how we can resume some activities in talent detection program with the maximum compliance to COVID 19 prevention measures.



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