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October 20, 2020


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Rwanda: Ericsson commits to develop STEM leaders through digital transformation initiatives and events

Jacques Kabandana, Country Manager of Ericsson Rwanda


The Country Manager of Ericsson Rwanda, Jacques Kabandana has revealed that Ericsson is committed to developing leaders in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through digital transformation initiatives and events.

In an Interview with KT PRESS, Mr. Kabandana said that Ericsson is aware of the need of training and capacity building in the STEM sectors in Rwanda.

He said “We are fully aware of the challenges in Rwanda when it comes to capacity building in various sectors including STEM which is one of the objectives of the Rwanda National Employment Program (NEP) and we are working on addressing its key objectives.”

In a Q&A interview with KT PRESS, Mr. Kabandana added that “Since its establishment in 2009, Ericsson Rwanda has focused on recruiting and empowering local talents, we are proud to have more local than foreign resources in our workforce.”

He emphasized that one of the most important pillars Ericsson believes in is localization and commits to continue to work with Rwanda and its people.

“Our focus on research and innovation delivers sustainable connectivity solutions that scale globally, so the benefits of technology become available to all.” He said.

In the past years, Ericsson’s innovative and entrepreneurial approach to Rwanda has driven continual and significant creative collaborations.

“The momentum is strong, and it’s growing every day” Mr. Kabandana reveals.

With its strong investment in 4G and 5G internet networks and introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) cognitive algorithms in the company’s package, Ericsson has claimed a leading position as a game-changer in the use of technology for economic development.

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