October 2020
October 20, 2020


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Rwanda invests over Rwf 2 billion to construct Lake Kivu Monitoring Laboratory

The Government of Rwanda is constructing a Laboratory worth more than Rwf 2 billion, which will be used for the monitoring of the stability of Lake Kivu, in order to make it more sustainable, TOPAFRICANEWS has learnt from a reliable source.

Lake Kivu has unique natural resources and plays an important role in the economic development of Rwanda.

Lake Kivu host fishes, methane gas, recreation and various other activities.

All activities in this lake, should be done with care so that they do not disturb the lake’s natural habitat, affect the ecosystems and the environment and even affect the national economy in general.

The Government of Rwanda, through EDCL which is affiliated to the Rwanda Energy Group (REG), is constructing a Laboratory that will be used by the “Lake Kivu Monitoring Program – LKMP)”.

Kivu Lake Integrity Monitoring Program Director Umutoni Augusta told IGIHE that the Laboratory is expected to be used in a sophisticated, efficient and advanced manner.

According to Umutoni, during the inspection, they are looking at several places to make sure that the methane gas extraction is not compromised.

She says Lake Kivu is a unique lake, unlike anything else in the world, and therefore, many researchers want to use it in various studies.

The lab will help increase collaboration with the world’s experts, who want to study the lake.

The Laboratory will be completed and will be used to train Rwandans in various fields such as biology, chemistry, geology and geography, as some of the facilities will be located elsewhere in the Great Lakes Region.

The laboratory is under construction in Rubavu District and is expected to be completed next year.


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