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Save Generations Organization supports needy families in Bugesera

Save Generations Organization, a Rwandan development Non-Government Organization with funding from AIDs Healthcare Foundation, AHF has provided food support to 100 poorest families in Rweru Model Village, and scholastic materials to 94 children in need from P4-P6.

The 100 poorest families were relocated from Mazane and Sharita islands and settled in the IDP model village of Rweru in Rweru sector in Bugesera district.

They were given the equivalent of a ton of rice, a ton of Maize flour and a ton of beans.

Each family was given 10 Kg of Maize flour, 10 Kg of rice and 10 Kg of beans.

The support followed the needs assessment report that followed the previous activities conducted by Save Generations Organization in the same village after which they expressed other different issues they are facing which include food shortage, unemployment and many others.

The beneficiaries told the media that since the COVID 19 outbreak, the situation started to get worse because there was no food left in their homes as a result of the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Officials said that the support handed over by Save Generations Organization is going to help them to work for a long-term solution to food shortage which is posing threats to their wellbeing.

Ms. Yvette NYINAWUMUNTU, Founder & Executive Director of Save Generations Organization says that the organization  decided to provide food to these communities in order to support them during this critical moment.

Ms. NYINAWUMUNTU revealed that she is confident that in the future, the lives of these people will be improved to the more advanced level of living.

“We just find that it is of the importance to support them because of the difficult times they are in and this is the time to do so.” She said

“For example, the beans that we give them today, will help them get seeds so that they can grow and get food in the future and also think together about sustainable solutions that address their problems.” NYINAWUMUNTU added.

Bugesera District Vice Mayor for Social Affairs, Mrs. Imanishimwe Yvette called on the beneficiaries to make good use of the support they have received but strive to work hard so that in the future they will move out of the category of beneficiaries but also help others.

“What we are asking them to do is to work together to develop and then support each other.” She said.

“But they themselves have also to find solutions to the existing problems through better management of the support and working to improve productivity while at the same time contribute to their development through agriculture and development activities,” Mrs. Imanishimwe added.

In addition to families who have been provided with food, school children from P4-P6 also have also been provided with school materials including notebooks and pens, which will enable them to learn better.

About 94 school girls and boys from P4-P6 benefited from the Scholastic materials.

The livelihoods of the people of Bugesera are mainly dependent on agriculture and livestock.


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