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Rwanda Mining and Quarrying Workers Trade Union campaigns for Workers Health and Safety ahead of International Workers Memorial Day

On April 21, 2021, the Deputy Secretary General of Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU) Mr.  Bwanakweli Jean Marie accompanied by REWU Coordinator in Eastern and Northern Provinces Mr. Musabyimana Deogratias have visited PIRAN RWANDA LTD, as part of sensitization campaigns which are preceding the commemoration of International workers Memorial Day slated on 28 April under the theme “Healthy and Safety is our rights” as settled by the Building and Wood workers International (BWI) where REWU is an affiliate.

The Day is usually marked on 28th April of every year to remember employees who have lost their lives due to unsafe working conditions across the world.

It is also an opportunity to remind the concerned institutions and workers in general the importance of healthy and safe workplaces.

During the conversation with Workers of PIRAN Rwanda Ltd, Mr. Bwanakweli reminded that all workers especially those working in the mining and quarrying Industry should be working with maximum safety to ensure that they are protected from any hazardous during and after their work.

He also expresses thanks from REWU to the Management of PIRAN Rwanda Ltd for putting in place Health and safety measures for its employees and providing them with all the necessary personal protection equipment at work places.

Mr. Bwanakweli urged the workers to continue the solidarity as REWU union members.

He also requested them to join hands in order to promote working rights and social welfare.

Mr. Bwanakweli reminded that being a member of REWU Trade union has many benefits such as ensuring that workers have a good working atmosphere, access to various equipment, advocacy, law protection, promoting good relations between employees and employer among many other benefits.

During the time spent at PIRAN Rwanda Ltd, Employees requested REWU to continue facilitating access to the bicycles, iron sheets and mattresses so that they are available to all workers who need them.

 To ensure the wellbeing of workers in various companies, REWU approaches various manufacturer partners and links workers with those companies that can provide them with necessary equipment that will be paid in instalments.

On the issue of facilitating the delivery of those necessities to PIRAN Workers, Mr. Bwanakweli responded that once they have fulfilled all requirements, the requested bicycles and mattresses will be available to them before the end of April, but will start paying for them in May 2021 as it is mentioned in the stakeholder’s partnership agreements.

PIRAN Rwanda is a mining company focused on the production and exploration of tin, tantalum and lithium in Rwanda.

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