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Kigali: Teachers stunned after being photographed with gifted Computers but not allowed to take them home

About 150 teachers in Kigali City were shocked to return home after a May 23, 2021 call for the laptops donation to be returned to the storeroom after being photographed with them.

The computers were donated by the African Basketball Association (BAL) in collaboration with the Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB) in a bid to further promote use of ICT in Rwandan schools.

In an invitation letter they were asked to come with a proof of COVID 19 test certificate and promised that they would be immediately provided with computers designed for them, but that was not the case because after arriving at place, 10 teachers were selected and photographed as a sign of cooperation between REB and BAL.

As many as 150 teachers from schools that are located in three districts of Kigali City namely Gasabo, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge, were explained that the main reason was that some basic programs had not yet been installed and that they would be sent to their respective institutions after being fully installed. They say it was not transparent because they had been prepared and the REB assured them that they will return home with the computers.

Those who spoke to IGIHE on condition of anonymity said they had returned empty after missing their promises.

“It really surprised us because they prepared us and told us that we would take them home [the computer],” said one. We came prepared to take them but they told us that there were some programs that had not been installed so we had to wait until the time they would bring them to the schools where we teach.”

A teacher at a private school in Nyarugenge District said that according to the preparations they had made and how they had been prepared, this should not have happened because the REB would have prepared it before.

In a message posted on the REB’s Twitter page, the board said the reason teachers did not back home with computers was because technicians wanted to first install key programs for teachers before they took over.

“Dear Bernard, for sure you were given laptops! However, technicians of REB will first have to install some applications suitable for teachers before you take them. As long as we still have your identifications, we will deploy them in your respective locations (Schools). Thanks”

— Rwanda Basic Education Board (@REBRwanda) 

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