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Th&O. premieres the Cinematic Ebusuku Short Film

Johannesburg, South Africa – Wednesday, 2 June 2021, 2021’s South African Music Awards nominated, afrotronic musician, Th&o. (pronounced Thando) delivers the new visual for his debut album, Ebusuku with a short film embodying the feel of the album.

Ebusuku which means “night time” in isiZulu was meant to capture Th&o.’s experience of solitude through his deeply conceptual album. In the Aadil Dhalech directed short film, Th&o. gives fans a visual representation through a cyclical journey. The cinematic and suspenseful visual includes three songs from the Th&o.’s debut LP, including the much buzzed about lead single, “Prosecco” along with “Body Like A Gun” and “Ghosting”.

Straddling between reality and the imaginary, the Ebusuku short film starts with Th&o. on a lonely drive only to see what looks like a pit stop in the middle of nowhere. The events that take place thereafter unfold into the mystical and bizarre as he accepts a drink from a stranger. On his album, Th&o. begins with the question, “The nighttime came for me, where is the off switch?” This short film will not provide the answer. However, it will take you on a journey which suggests that maybe the nighttime does not have a switch.

Th&o. had the following to say about the film, “The album and short film were inspired by how I processed certain situations and emotions during the revolving relationship I’ve had with the night. Strangely, this all came as a result of being nocturnal for over 10 years. The film was also inspired by a lot of the Japanese films I was into at the time; they were mostly about the Yakuza or Samurais. I have always been a fan of those genres of films. The director, Aadil, is about that world too, so he easily understood exactly where I wanted to go with this visual.”

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Th&o.’s unique sound encapsulates both alternative and electronica with elements of indie and funk. This is a perfect description as his musical influences include everyone from Mark Ronson and Jamiroquai to N*E*R*D and Fela Kuti. It is these sounds and influences that helped Th&o. create Ebusuku, which has been nominated under the Best Alternative category at this year’s SAMAs (South African Music Awards). The nomination comes just after Th&o.’s single, “Moya Omubi” from Ebusuku was featured on the 2021 blockbuster Coming 2 America soundtrack entitled Rhythms of Zamunda.

 Having already caught the attention & praise of such influencers and legends like Joe Budden and Jermaine Dupri along with brands like Adidas and Apple Music, Th&o. is quickly staking his claim to become a global superstar that everyone should know about!

The Ebsuku short film will go live on his Vevo channel at 18:30 EAT, set a reminder here

About Ebusuku:

Ebusuku meaning “night time” in isiZulu is Th&o.’s experience of solitude with cascading synths and stacked harmonies. This deeply personal conceptual album takes you on a journey that gravitates towards looking for love with a dark inevitable ending.

It begins with a question asking, “The night time comes for me, where is the off switch?” Th&o. embellishes on his nocturnal encounters with a boisterous blend of synth-pop and sensually lush sounds. This album is a glimpse into the paradoxically vast world of the dark in a sincere, vulnerable piece of art.

Th&o. describes the making of the LP as an endless loop of sleepless nights that eventually became his regular existence/pattern. “Sunset to sunrise was a typical day for me, and during those hours, I was truly available to my emotions. I had a weird cathartic relationship with making songs between 9 pm – 3 am because that was the only time quiet enough for me to be inspired to write. Next thing I knew, my debut album Ebusuku (meaning “the night” in Zulu) was birthed before sunrise,” explains Th&o.

Simply put, but a point to expand on, Ebusuku is shining a light on how little we know of the darkness.


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