November 30, 2023


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Kanuma Damascene releases a series of worship songs

By Justin Kayiranga


Kanuma Damascene, one of Rwanda’s most popular worship singers has released the first episode of worship songs.

In an interview with, the singer announced that it is a new initiative launched to help fans of his songs stay in the spirit of fellowship with God during these times which he says are difficult.

“This first episode of the worship series holds the message of prayer to draw closer to GOD, because out here we are confronted with the ups and downs that make us dehydrated. We really need to draw closer to God, to find the strength to stand firm in these challenging times because they are not easy.” Says Kanuma.

As a singer and a worship minister at Zion Temple Church in Rwanda, Kanuma says he started with slow rhythm, but he plans to include dance songs in the episodes to come, as many know him in dance styles like Lumba and Seben.

He said “Of course I am a worshiper, and a worhiper has no boundaries. Now I’m starting with a slow-moving song, but soon the dance songs will also reach them.”

After this first episode, Kanuma says the series will continue as it is a program he has started and will continue to do so.

The artist also told Top Africa News that he is working on a new album that he plans to release in the near future.

Kanuma Damascene is known in Lumba and Seben styles
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