July 17, 2024


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VIDEO & PHOTOS: ProFuturo Program Users in Rwanda speak Out

Teachers and students using the ProFuturo Digital tools in Rwanda have said the tools of ProFuturo have helped them speed up their studies and added that what they are learning is relevant to them since they learn and put into practice with the help of Students’ Tablets that are connected to teacher’s main laptop during course time.

This was announced last week during the field visit conducted by the Director of Salesian Planning and Development Office with ProFuturo Project Coordinator for Rwanda and Uganda where Salesians are implementing this digital education program.

From the 3rd June 2021, the Planning and Development Office of the Salesians of Don Bosco in the Africa Great Lakes Province together with the ProFuturo Digital Education Coordinating Office are conducting field visits to the schools where Salesians are implementing this digital Education Programme. 


The Purpose of the visits is to follow up on the implementation progress, collecting views from the programme users and suggestions on how to improve the programme while at the same time looking at the necessity to extend ProFuturo Digital Education in more schools across Rwanda. 

Young people from the Primary schools have expressed their satisfaction in the program since it has proved to be effective for their education.

From helping learners to quickly practice their courses to improving the way of communication between the teacher and learners, young people themselves have said this digital program would have enabled them to continue their course online during the time of the pandemic.

Currently, Salesians are implementing this programme in 50 Primary schools in Rwanda. Salesians work in close collaboration with the Rwanda Education Board to ensure that the expected results are met.

More Photos are available herehttps://www.flickr.com/photos/187043756@N04/albums/72157719387692157

ProFuturo contributes to narrowing the education gap in the world by improving the quality of education of millions of children through technology.

Schools’ leaders also said it is very effective and if means are available the program can be extended in more schools to help young people across the country. The same suggestions were also made by students.

ProFuturo implements a Digital Education Programme that, through innovative digital teaching-learning experiences, enhances teachers´ pedagogical and digital skills, and meaningful student learning. 

It addresses key factors that contribute to the quality of education such as: teacher´s professional development, educational assistance and technical support, a digital solution, a monitoring and evaluation system and a knowledge exchange community.


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