May 21, 2024


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How Hooza media saw the potential of no-code by creating their own podcast with 700+ downloads

First there was the No Code movement, a revolutionary set of web solutions supporting the development of web and mobile app for non coders. For the first time, an average and creative mind was   able to develop and operate what was a complex combination of code lines and algorithms.

The codes ran the mobile App business for the past 30 years but lacked simplicity and coders had limited proficiency on the creative and business sides of the market.

Hooza Podcast was made possible because the No Code approach proved it wasn’t only a movement but an ecosystem that aims to simplify the access to multimedia content via mobile phones.

Working with The NoCode Campus in Kigali, Rwanda the first no-code academy in Sub-Saharan Africa, a training program for under 30’, we were able to develop a Over the Top mobile application, bypassing traditional streaming tech while broadcasting audio podcast on the internet.

We have added Hooza Podcast to our media distribution tools with a first audio book by French author Serge Farnel “Bisesero, le ghetto de Varsovie rwandais” which is at its 50th episode today July 18th 2021 with more than 765 downloads.

The podcast service provides exclusively French content for a francophone audience in Africa, South East Asia, Europe and America. We have been recording and producing various audio books, poem, novels by Rwandan and African authors as well history and kids books.

We believe that there are great opportunities for African authors to use audio books to increase access to communities where oral traditions are still strong and books still too expensive or where they have limited access to those books.

There is also an opportunity to create new revenue streams and add innovative crowd funding features to the OTT application.

For authors and book editors interested in joining our initiative, contact us via email

For creative minds in Kigali area looking to join the No ode Campus, feel free to send your candidacy to

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