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Rwanda: Students develop a Motorcycle that uses Salt and Water


By Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

Students at St Pierre Nkombo School in Rusizi District, Western Province of Rwanda, on an Island known as Nkombo, have developed a motorcycle with a special use of salt and water for environmental protection.

This is in line with their project called a Hydro Power Motorcycle, which was unveiled on June 8, 2021 at the conclusion of the competition for high school science students, who competed at the national level as part of promoting science and technology among young people.

The students of GS St Pierre Nkombo, came up with the idea of making a motorcycle after identifying that motorcycles play a big role in air pollution.

It is a project they have done over a period of six months.

How it works…

The motorcycle is fuelled with two liters of water, and 25 grams of salt.  After powering it with salt and water, it can travel 4 km.

It is a motorcycle that looks like a normal motorcycle except that it is made of metal and iron sheets.

The Motorcycle is turned on with the use of a normal key. Unlike other motorcycles, you don’t have to push the Kick-start lever to move because as soon as you put the key in you accelerate it and It moves.  

Samuel Nsengima, one of the project’s creators, said people should trust the motorcycle because it can transport people and other materials in a way that cannot harm the environment.

He said they had come up with an idea to ease the problem of travel and transportation.

Mr. Nsengimana added that if they got the money they would run a company that would produce more and sell them to those who want to ride their product.

The Director General of the National Examination and School Inspection Authority (NESA), Dr. Bahati Bernard said they will continue to support these students with outstanding projects until they are implemented.

He also said that it is a great opportunity for brainstorming, sharing what they have learned with others at other institutions.

In an interview with Rwanda’s popular News website IGIHE, Western Province Governor, Mr. Habigeko Francis said that the students’ innovation is aimed at solving some of the problems that the people have and that can be solved by the youth.

“They have done a lot of good things, this motorcycle uses water and salt technology. It can’t travel long distances but it works well,” the Governor said.

Students at GS St Pierre Nkombo have also developed machine-based technology to withdraw money known as the ‘ATM [Automated Teller Machine]. The technology has become available and the public continues to receive banking services through these ATMs.

“The ATM is working, I have withdrawn money, they have given me a message and even on their computer there is a message left, and they have put in place a way that when you withdraw from there is a money deducted” Governor Habitegeko said. “It’s interesting how these students are starting to find solutions in Nkombo Island.” He added.

OneWeb project to connect Nkombo Residents to the Internet.

Residents of Nkombo Island have often complained that communication is still a problem, although they can use mobile phones but the internet speed is still a major hindrance.

OneWeb Satelite was launched in 2019 to help remote schools to access Internet in Rwanda

On the other hand, the Government of Rwanda has partnered with OneWeb to launch the satellite to provide broadband internet to schools in remote communities in Rwanda.

The satellite was nicknamed Icyerekezo (meaning Vision) by students from Groupe Secondaire St Pierre Nkombo in Nkombo Island.

The partnership will provide schools in remote communities with internet connectivity to join the nation-wide ICT programs in schools, Rwandan Ministry of ICT and Innovation said.

Groupe Scolaire St Pierre Nkombo, located on Nkombo Island in the middle of Lake Kivu, will be the first beneficiary of the broadband connectivity that the Icyerekezo satellite will provide.

The project will create more than 650 spacecraft, so that by 2022 every school will have internet and by 2027 it will be universal.

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