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Burundi: Don Bosco Buterere, the centre of Excellence in Green Energy

BUJUMBURA: Don Bosco vocational training Centre in Buterere has made a historic achievement after successfully completing the installation of a fully functioning Solar Energy system that will put an end to the cost of electricity while at the same time contributing to the Environmental protection.

On the 30th July 2021 Don Bosco Tech Africa Deputy Director Br. John Njuguna launched the Centre of Excellence in Buterere, Burundi.

The Don Bosco Tech Africa under the Green TVET pillar assisted the Don Bosco vocational training Centre in Buterere to set up the centre of excellence in renewable energy, waste water management and in waste management.

The installed solar system has enabled the school to reduce their electricity bill from 2 million Burundi francs to 20,000 BUF.

At the launch of the fully functioning Green facilities in Buterere, the DB Tech Africa Deputy Director, the Director of Don Bosco Buterere TVET centre along with various officials from the city of Bujumbura, representatives of the Ministry of Education, representatives of the Ministry of Environment and others, have been able to eyewitness various activities including the wastewater treatment plant, solar power plant, Nursery trees, mushroom farming, welding and carpentry Departments among others.

These initiatives were financed by Don Bosco Tech Africa as a coordinating body of all Salesian Technical schools in Africa.

Mr. Bukuru Meddy, an instructor in the Department of Energy at Don Bosco Buterere Vocational Training Centre, explained that the use of solar energy has helped them in many ways, including reducing the cost of electricity.

Mr Bukuru said: “We use a lot of electricity due to the use of wood cutting machines, welding machines, … we used to pay 2 million Burundian Francs per month a month on electricity, so now we no longer have to pay such an amount for it. If you compare with the past, we spend about 20,000 Burundian Francs only because of solar energy.”

“This solar system is really important because: first of all: the money we used to pay can be used for other things, and we don’t run out of energy because this solar energy system is never cut off. Now for us the work cannot be stopped, if we have the orders from different clients, we do it on time because we cannot have a problem of lack of power.”

He added that Don Bosco Buterere Center is the first center in the country that is using the Environmentally friendly energy.

“We will no longer have to use generators. If we use such power, we are polluting the environment because of these emissions, they are polluting the air, so now we don’t need a generator, we use solar energy and we don’t have a problem with it,” Mr. Bukuru said.

He further urged all Burundians to use solar energy as it is important.

“God has given us the sun and researchers have found that the sun we have, if all the people on earth use it, can all be served eight thousand times more than electricity. So, you see that not using solar energy is a huge loss.” He noted

Don Bosco Buterere students appreciate the skills they receive from the vocational center because they often get jobs in various institutions.

The Director of Don Bosco Buterere Vocational Training Center, Father Ntunzwenimana Ferdinand explained that the Center is very helpful to the youth and contributes to the development of the country.

“Since 2019, DON BOSCO Buterere has been supported by Don Bosco Tech Africa which coordinates about 102 TVETs belonging to the Salesians in 35 countries. All of these schools are interested in vocational training, to help prepare a better future, a better job and a better life for the youth.” Father Ntunzwenimana explains.

He went on to explain that of the 102 Salesian vocational institutions, two of which are: Don Bosco Buterere and the Other one from Nigeria have been sponsored by Don Bosco Tech Africa to be able to offer vocational training without neglecting the environment.

“You have seen the activities that have been funded by Don Bosco Tech Africa. We have seen the solar power plant, we have heard of its capacity and so on,” he said.

“All this was possible due to the establishment of Don Bosco Buterere’s Green Club. The club does a lot of environmental work.” Father Ntunzwenimana revealed.

“We are grateful to Don Bosco Tech Africa for this wonderful initiative and its implementation.” He said.

All speakers praised Don Bosco Buterere’s contribution to the country’s development in various ways and agreed to continue to support the centre.  


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