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“Turn Environmental Challenges into opportunities”, REMA urges young people


The Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has urged young people to turn current environmental challenges into profitable opportunities that can help to generate income as well as to acquire knowledge.

The call was made on Thursday, 26th August, 2021 by Ms. Juliet Kabera, the Director General of REMA during the event aimed at sharing knowledge and highlighting innovations in environmental protection.

The event which took place in Kigali brought together REMA, its partners and the young environmentalists from all districts of Rwanda.

Young green entrepreneurs who participated in the Thursday’s Youth Knowledge Exchange and Exhibition have showcased their green businesses in various areas such as waste management and recycling, production of organic manure, agriculture and tree planting

Some of the young people have pointed out various projects they have been working on aimed at protecting the environment while others showcased how they turn waste into reusable products such as manure, taking the garbage from the dressmaking workshops and making them into a variety of materials including carpets.

Although the youth took the step, they mentioned lack of investments as a hindrance to their projects while others say it is not easy to get the market for their products.

Ms. Kwizera speaking to the young people

Ms. Kwizera Christelle, founder of the Water Access Rwanda, a company that helps access to clean water for rural residents says that young people should get

problems in environmental conservation as opportunities.

Ms. Kwizera whose company was recently awarded a prize of $ 100,000

by Alibaba, adds that the young people need to start a certain project taking into consideration the availability of the targeted market.

The same views were also highlighted by Ms. Juliet Kabera who said that REMA agrees with the young people, however, noted that they should learn from their peers who have been able to thrive.

She adds that the young people have identified obstacles that REMA will continue to examine in order to come up with the solutions.

Ms. Juliet Kabera who said that REMA agrees with the young people on their challenges and assured REMA’s support

On some challenges, Ms. Kabera said that young people should be innovative even if REMA is here to support them while at the same time aiding them to raise the skills to successfully implement their projects.

“We brought together the younger generation to learn from their peers,” she says.

“There are those who have already established profitable projects, there are some who have started and REMA helps them achieve better results.” Ms. Kabera explains.

As for the various issues raised by these young people such as lack of access to the market etc. Ms. Kabera Juliet said: “Some have raised the issue of the market…What we saw and heard, we agreed that REMA will help them through advocacy and guidance.”

“There some who want a market yet on the other hand some are producing poor quality products such as tree seedlings that are not needed. That’s where REMA is going to come in and tell them what’s needed, and show them how they can work in a certain area and figure out what is needed.” She said,

“On the issue of finances, someone shared views on how he got the money from Rwanda’s Business Development Fund (BDF), some have shown us how to get funding whereby you do not go requesting money, rather you first show the benefits and opportunities from the project, this is also somethings we discussed here because it was a day of discussion and exchange of ideas, but wherever possible we promised them to cooperate and advocacy to where they are going to seek that funding.” Ms. Kabera explains.

“Today’s environmental challenges are obvious, we have climate change issues, we have cases of landslides that destroy roads and other properties…as young people they can come up with innovative ideas to respond to those challenges.” She noted

Various partners including the Ministry of Trade and Industry, World Bank, UND and the Ministry of Environment have assured the youth of such cooperation in order to achieve their dreams.

Varsha Redkar Palepu

Varsha Redkar Palepu, the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative told young people that “It’s your time to dream big and drive innovations that help to protect our environment and use natural resources sustainably, while also earning a living. This is an opportunity to inspire each other.”

(Reported by Deus Ntakirutimana, edited by Dusabemungu Ange de la Victoire)

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