May 20, 2024


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Visit Rwanda: After PSG and Arsenal, Rwanda eyes Italian teams

The Government of Rwanda is in talks with Italian teams that want to be partners in promoting tourism and other activities through the Visit Rwanda program.

It was in 2018 that Rwanda signed an agreement with Arsenal to promote the country’s tourism, a year ago also Rwanda signed a similar agreement with PSG to promote tourism and other activities  under the Made in Rwanda program.

The Rwanda Development Board has recently announced that in its first year of cooperation with Arsenal, Rwanda’s tourism output increased by 17% to $ 498 million in 2019 from $ 425 million in 2018. Tourists from Europe increased by 22% and 17% especially those from the UK.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports, Shema Maboko Didier, said that the fact that Rwanda invests in foreign clubs also benefits the country as the number of tourists also increases. He also said that there are ongoing talks between Rwanda and the undisclosed Italian teams, who also want to promote Visit Rwanda.

“Some of the teams that are in talks with Rwanda, including those from Italy, also want to promote Visit Rwanda,” he said. “It shows that Visit Rwanda is becoming more productive. ” he added.

“There are other teams that want us to work together to promote Rwanda,” he said. I said this to give an example of how people have already seen our relationship with Arsenal and PSG. Let’s keep them as a secret, we will announce them at the right time.” Mr. Maboko said

Rwanda has a lot to show the world through tourism, not only visiting gorillas and parks, but also as a religious destination.


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