June 17, 2024


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Video: Hope of Family improves Lives of poor families in Muhanga District

Amazing! Here is how Hope of Family is changing Lives of Citizens in Muhanga

We are in Shyogwe of Muhanga District, in the Southern Province of Rwanda. In the past, many of the people here lived in extreme poverty.

In the past three years, the Hope of Family, as its name says, has created hope among one Hundred Families that were suffering the most.

Liberata, one of the beneficiaries showing us the pigs that she benefited from Hope of Family, she says that “this organization has done whatever possible. Even if it is too early for the small domestic animal to produce, but today this pig gives manure. She hopes that when they start to produce, they will alleviate her from poverty.”

The selection of the needy families was done after a comprehensive research whose results showed that many people in this area were in need of help.

Hope of Family started with 100 families and initially, this organization has to respond to their children’s Education needs.

Parents were also supported through various means including the renovation of their houses which were almost ruins.

Families received more support that enabled them to have access to good nutrition and animal husbandry projects were introduced to them for the household’s economic empowerment.

So many activities were done to uplift the suffering community from extreme poverty.

There are so many other factors that made a difference in this community’s life.

These citizens feel they have regained hope after a long period of poverty.

Hope of Family is grateful for the positive impacts its activities have had on these beneficiaries.

This is also confirmed by various officials including the state and non-governmental organizations.

The goal is to continue advocacy so that many families in need also have access to a variety of opportunities to improve their lives but also in particular to improve the education of children as they are the foundation of development.

Watch the video below for more on the work done:

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