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Former Rwanda’s PM narrates the shocking revelations of Genocide Ideology in Prison

Dr Pierre Damien Habumuremyi, the former Prime Minister of Rwanda who was recently released on the pardon of President Paul Kagame, has revealed that he was shocked by the magnitude of genocide ideology in prisons and called on the authorities to take serious measures to contain such a problem

Dr Habumuremyi made the revelation on Saturday while attending the 14th Annual Unity Club Intwararumuri Forum, which lasted for three days.

The Unity Club is made up of leaders in the Government, former cabinet members and spouses.

The organization was founded by Mrs. Jeannette Kagame on February 28, 1996 to contribute to the “Promotion of a Culture of Unity and Peace, which are the pillars of sustainable development.”

Habumuremyi, who had been imprisoned in Mageragere Prison for a year and three months, shared with the participants about the status of the genocide ideology among the detainees.

He said research was being conducted across Rwanda to determine the level of genocide ideology however, added Habumuremyi, should be extended in Prisons.

“ Where I came from is in Rwanda, the prison is located in Rwanda, but what I leave there and what is here is very different, I think it should also be given more attention […] prisons with a population of about 100,000. Each detainee has at least 10 people behind him/her. ” He narrates

“Let’s assume there are at least ten people behind each detainee, that’s a small example I take, take when you calculate, it is ten million people. There is a visible genocide ideology in prisons. ” He said

Using examples, he said that the ideology of genocide in prisons is reflected in various places including religious groups, genocide perpetrators and survivors who are imprisoned for various reasons.

He noted that probably outside, especially in churches are teaching Genocide ideology rather than teaching the world of God, as it is the case in prisons.

“Another category in prisons are parents who have genocide ideology. Where I used to stay in prison, the mother stood up and said her child could not marry a Hutu. Because I heard her and I immediately reported her. That’s also a sign of the same ideology. “

“The third case is when I was having a bath, there was a young boy who was helping me get water at the bath space and I heard one young people saying they deceive us that we had survived, FARG (The Genocide Survivors Fund) helped us to go to school but when we finish school they brought us in prison,

“That’s the genocide ideology which is there. When I came out of the bathroom, I asked a young boy who was helping me, “have you heard what I heard, and he said, ‘Yes,’ do you know that child?’ I know him”

Pierre Damien Habumuremyi said that research on the Genocide against the Tutsi should also go to prison because there are serious problems.

“I mean, the effort we’re putting here we should have it in prisons” said Dr. Habumuremyi.

Statistics show that in 2017/2018, the Prosecution filed 333 cases of genocide ideology in the courts. In 2018/2019 it reduced to 293, and in 2019/2020 to 323. The total cases are 949.

According to statistics, men are the most genocidal ideologues because among 1,172 people who were brought to justice, 884 are men (75.5%) and 288 women (24.5%).

Dr Habumuremyi said he was happy to be invited to the Annual Unity Club Intwararumuri Annual Forum, thanking President Kagame for his forgiveness.

The Cabinet meeting on October 13, 2021 announced that Pierre Damien Habumuremyi had been pardoned by the President of the Republic.

Former Prime Minister Dr Habumuremyi has been convicted of issuing unsecured checks. 

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