July 19, 2024


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This is the time to be online with Namecheap services

Nowadays it is important to have your online identity or your business’s identity that is easily accessible by everyone, anytime and anywhere, thanks to the advanced technology both in its use and in its own operation.

This is where ignoring its importance is a deliberate mistake because those who have already put their presence online can testify to everyone that living without online presence is like living alone.

Build your website!

What I want to explain to you in this post is how easy, cheap and fast you can own your website that meets all requirements in one place including Hosting, Domain name, Designing, professional emails, SSL certificates to help secure your Website, VPN and other services.

In the past, getting the above services could cost millions of Rwandan francs, but now from 32 US dollars means Rwf 32,000 you own a website with all above mentioned services. Only hosting can cost less than 1000 Rwf ( 1 US Dollar)

By explaining what I want to say here is that whenever you want to have your identity or Business Identity Online, you should use Namecheap Services due to the fact that you can easily access all services in one place.

Imagine you are sitting at the table with all the delicious foods you need and what you are required to do is to select which is bringing the appetite most. Namecheap is like a table with all the tools that you will need to run an effective and responsive website. You should first know the name of the website you want, then you will immediately start using it in less than 10 minutes.

Shared hosting at just $2.88/mo!

There are three things that You need to start your online presence: Domain Name, Hosting, Web security and content.

Namecheap provides excellent services because all you want are accessible in one place. You do everything there and have an independent account without worrying that they will charge you unprepared.

It is not surprising to be on Namecheap because all activities are transparent and whenever you want, you can switch off your website with 100% chances to regain it once you come back.

SSL for just $7.88/year!

While Namecheap also provides Technical Support, they help you achieve your goals faster and easier.

You may feel that these services are good but you also say that you cannot be able to use them!

Don’t worry because you can either call us on 0787105131 (Rwanda) or +250787105131 (International) or email us at: vickange@gmail.com and we can help you find Namecheap Services and start using your website immediately.

So, now is the time to have your own address or that of your company online using Namecheap services

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