July 15, 2024


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Failure to protect our Natural habitat is a betrayal to current and future generations

By Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

The Environment is a crosscutting sector, which is why people at the forefront have to think about crosscutting sustainable solutions that protect the natural habitat of all living species including the human being.

Various human activities are involved in environmental degradation including air polluting industries that affect health, dumping of waste in rivers or lakes causing death to aquatic organisms, cancer to human beings, fires that cause desertification or misuse of land that cause landslides among others.

When one does not pay attention to all these effects the consequences would be much higher than we think. We have to plan ahead how to prevent them, and use natural resources, especially plants and forests wisely. Failure to do that is a betrayal because of natural resources which include plants, forests, land, water, etc… are very important in human life.

Air pollution is associated with many diseases including strokes, stress, failure to breathe clean air among many others. Polluted air causes climate Change effects such as uncontrolled rainfall and long periods of sunshine that lead to hunger among many consequences.

Greenhouse gas emissions damage the atmosphere which reduces the intensity of the sun’s rays that hit us on the earth; Earth scientists call the area “ozone.” Taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is a priority because otherwise, life on Earth would be worse off due to air pollution.

Conservation of the environment is everyone’s responsibility for the survival of the species, especially as there are some species of plants and animals that are becoming extinct due to environmental degradation, climate change and so on.

A person has the wisdom to use the environment in daily life which is why he/she should also play a role in protecting the environment in daily life. Here, too, the development we strive for will be sustainable development because achieving it must go hand in hand with protecting the environment.

I am sure everyone knows the importance of water, forests, biodiversity, land, air, sun and more. The fact that the human being is aware of this importance is essential to upholding its sovereignty as long as humans want to continue to benefit from it.

Policy makers should also look at how there is a civic education on protection of the environment and this should begin from the family to the managers of companies and industries.

The world was not created for current living only. There are those who will live in it after us. So it’s important to give it a break and heal it from human pressure and even strive for a better recovery and re-think about our relationship with it. The World is the only haven that God has created for his lovely people and that’s why we should be respectful to that.

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