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“We come to Rwanda to learn from an inspiring Partner”, VIGLOJ Team during the Knowledge Sharing with Hope of Family

Mr. Mfateneza Emmanuel, the Executive Director of Hope of Family giving a presentation while Aimable Mpayimana Hope of Family Founder looks on


Our world is becoming more and more a village, and we are becoming more and more in need of each other in our everyday life.

Often you will find a particular organization when it wants to make a change in performance, it is often the case that the result of a change in performance comes from the willingness and sharing of experience among those who are consistent in their goals.

An Example of good collaboration is the partnership that has been forged between Hope of Family and VISION GLOBALE D’ORIENTATION DES JEUNES “VIGLOJ” ASBL operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The organization is one of the leading organizations in the field of human rights and youth entrepreneurship programs that enable youth to play a crucial role for their own change and for changing the society.

In an exclusive Interview with TOPAFRICANEWS.COM, Mr. Dunia Katembo Colomba, VIGLOJ Founder and the Executive Director of the organization, says that the current state of the world is a time that requires people to share their experiences in order to achieve their goals.

He made the comment during a visit to Rwanda that focused mainly on sharing experiences between VGLOJ Team and Hope of Family Team which is working to alleviate local communities from extreme poverty specifically in Muhanga District, in the Southern Province of Rwanda.

For instance, Mr. Dunia Katembo Colomba commenting on knowledge exchange between VIGLOJ and Hope of Family, said that they have been working on the question of monitoring and evaluation. During the session they have been able to identify how an organization should use Monitoring and evaluation data to set a baseline that will help to identify key areas that need more and specific interventions depending on the needs of the community and the targeted group.

“At this time, we are developing the VIGLOJ monitoring and evaluation strategy, which is well worth this session and we also have an adaptation of our annual plan of action and a new document of monitoring and evaluation. For sure this is a very important collaboration that we have.” Mr. Dunia said.

Mr. DUSABEMUNGU Ange de la Victoire, Journalist, giving a presentation on Social Media strategic Plan

“In Kigali, we have also got trained on communication techniques in an organization and specifically on the use of social Media to influence our audience or the community in terms of social networking.” He added

“We have had a lot in the management of social networks and the development of social media plans.”

Mr. Dunia affirms that as a result of this experience sharing and learning from Hope of Family best practices, now VIGLOJ is capable of making its communication plan on the social networks.

Photo: Presentation

Apart from that the VIGLOJ Team also was able to go on field to eyewitness how Hope of Family works from staff management, financial management, and how beneficiaries of Hope of Family experience changes in their living conditions.

“What we were looking for here is how we can manage financial aspects efficiently. Without faults in reporting and this is our priority as VIGLOJ” Dunia said.

“So, Hope of a Family is for us a model and inspiring a partner who is committed to realizing the benefits of vulnerable beneficiaries, and I think that the few days that we spent in Rwanda will be an added value to our organization’s performance from now on, “ Mr. Dunia concluded.


VIGLOJ (Vision Globale D’orientation Des jeunes) is a congolese organization which works with youth, for youth and by youth in empowering young People so that they can play a crucial role for their own change and for the change in their country.

About Hope of Family

Hope of Family is Rwandan Non-Governmental Organization operating in Muhanga District, Southern Province of Rwanda, with a mission to reduce extreme family poverty through strong and efficient children education

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