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Foresight 2022: Lux Research Releases Report on the Most Impactful Technologies in Sustainability

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The Lux Research 2022 Foresight Report includes the 10 most impactful technologies, a set of unpopular predictions, and the Lux Take on where to invest $10 million in 2022

BOSTON, MA, December 9, 2021 – Sustainability remains a significant driver of change in business, and that will not change in 2022. It is vital for businesses to become aware of the commercially viable technologies and materials that enable sustainable innovation as they deal with corporate sustainability goals, government regulations, and public pressure. Lux Research, a leading provider of tech-enabled research and innovation advisory services, once again provides insights into the key technologies that business leaders need to learn about and engage with in their annual Foresight report.  

The Lux Research 2022 Foresight Report illuminates the most impactful technologies and digital trends in sustainability that will change the landscape of business in 2022 and beyond, inspiring the next wave of innovations and igniting the sustainable strategies that will propel businesses forward. Lux’s diverse team of analysts work cross-functionally, spanning industries as well as technologies, thinking collaboratively and using proprietary research methodologies to unlock insights unique to Lux. The report categorizes 10 influential technologies across the four verticals of Lux’s Sustainable Innovation Model: Climate Tech, Circular Tech, Future Consumer Tech, and Digital Trends.

″Great innovations occur when technologies connect to address a critical question or market need. Sustainability is that question, and connected computational tools promise to meet that need,″ emphasizes Kevin Pang, Ph.D., MBA, Vice President, Technology Innovation and Strategy at Lux Research and lead author of the report. ″More and more devices are being computationally connected to create ever-more novel combinations of data, and more and more issues like recycling, health care, climate change, and empowered consumerism are being connected via the thread of sustainability.″  

The full Lux Research 2022 Foresight Report includes: 

  • In-depth analysis and the Lux Take on each technology. 
  • Supporting patent, publication, and funding data. 
  • Key players in each market. 
  • Rationale and ramifications of each unpopular prediction. 
  • Additional technologies and data trends considered for the report. 
  • The Lux Take on where to invest $10 million in 2022. 

To see the list of technologies and materials that will change not only business but also the world in 2022 and beyond. 

Download the executive summary of the report to learn more.

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