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Rutongo Mines Ltd celebrates International Miners Day in a an event preceded by Football game

On Saturday, December 11, 2021, the Rutongo Mines Company Ltd celebrated the International Miners Day in a ceremony that was preceded by the Football match between the Engineering Team and the Underground Miners Team.

The game ended with the Engineering Team scoring 1 goal to zero for the Underground Miners Team.

The Manager of Rutongo Mines Company Ltd Mr. Julian assured the employees that this was the beginning, and that next year it would be a special event.

Mr. Julian added that the company will continue to improve working conditions, wellbeing of the workers as well as facilitating the professional training that will help them upgrading their skills and perform well their jobs in a professional manner.

NSHIMIYIMANA Emmanuel, the President of  REWU trade union in Rutongo Mines, explains that such sports  are especially important and that the celebration of Miners Day is even more important because it is a good time to reconnect and exchange ideas with the management.

“We, as Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU) Trade Union, find this as an important event because it unites workers and makes them feel comfortable, through sports, and it connects them with the employer.  This is immediately support one of our responsibilities which is basically to promote good relationship between workers and the Management.” He explains.

Speaking at the event, REWU Secretary General, Eng. Andre MUTSINDASHYAKA, commended the Management of Rutongo mines on the good will in the promotion of welfare of employees, and he suggested that in next event, the company should increase the remuneration paid per Kg to the miners employed by subcontractors.

This event were attended by different partners of Rutongo mines including The Head of Rutongo mining School, some Executive Secretaries of Sectors where the company operates as well as the community surrounding mining sites.

Miners Day was established in 2009 to remember miners who died working in the mines and to honor the hard work and commitment of today’s miners.

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