December 2, 2022


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Reform commits to a sizable reduction of its carbon emissions

The Danish high-quality kitchen brand has announced it will work with Normative, the world’s first carbon emission engine, to account for and reduce its carbon emissions.

The IPCC’s recent report outlined how rapidly the world is heating up due to human activity and the role carbon dioxide emissions are playing in that rise, leading to increasingly volatile conditions across the globe. Companies generate the vast majority of these global carbon emissions, but have struggled to properly track and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Reform is committed to doing its part in curbing emissions and tackling these era-defining challenges.

Reform is a lifestyle kitchen brand that collaborates with internationally acclaimed architects and designers to create modern, forward-thinking kitchen spaces. They work across architecture, design, and interior with the aim of creating bold, accessible and adaptable kitchens. As we enter the 2020s, the kitchen is taking on an increasingly vital role. With that in mind, Reform has set out to explore future-facing methods in craft and technology in the efforts to meet the new demands of everyday living.

A corporate strategy against climate change first and foremost requires reliable data. For this reason, the first key milestone in Reform’s commitment against global warming has been to measure its historical scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions from the founding of the company to the current day. This project will be realized in collaboration with Normative, the global carbon accounting solution.

Once Reform has accurately measured their entire carbon footprint, they can create and commit to a strategy for mitigating historical emissions and reducing future emissions.

Using 2020 emissions as a baseline, Reform commits to reduce its Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 42% by 2030. Likewise, regarding Scope 3 emissions, the company’s objective is to align its key partners in its supply chain to achieve a reduction of these emissions of around 30%, also by 2030.

Curbing emissions and transitioning to renewable energy and resources is the major challenge of our generation. At Reform, we believe that this transition is the only logical and rational next step—not just for us, but for every one; our partners, collaborators, customers and the global community at large. We want to account for our carbon emissions so that we can reduce them. That is why we have chosen Normative as our trusted partner to help us create this crucial paradigm shift”, says Jeppe Christensen, Co-founder and CEO of Reform.

Normative is the world’s first emission accounting engine, helping businesses calculate their entire climate footprint and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Normative sets a new standard in scientific accuracy in emissions accountancy, powered by its market-leading emissions database. The company, headquartered in Stockholm, has hundreds of customers, and partners with leading climate change organizations – including the UN – to deliver actionable sustainability intelligence. Normative is also the software provider for the UN’s SME Climate Hub through which thousands of small businesses have committed to carbon reduction.

Businesses need to address their carbon deficit now before it becomes a threat to their future viability. Normative makes it easier for your businesses to achieve net zero emissions. Our emission accounting engine puts you in control of your business’s CO2 emissions and shows you what initiatives have the greatest climate impact, helping you focus on the right problems.” says Kristian Rönn, CEO and co-founder of Normative.

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