May 21, 2024


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Nyaruguru: Child stunting reduced by 39% due to ECD


The ECD Centres constructed by ADEPE in partnership and under financial support from UN Women Rwanda have started to yield positive results in terms of the reduction of stunting and malnutrition cases in Nyaruguru District, the Southern Province of Rwanda.

During the visit at one of those ECD in Mata Sector, officials and citizens confirmed that they are proud to have slashed down the malnutrition and stunting among children due to the establishment of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) center in the sector.

Via the ECD Centres in Nyaruguru district, children are given basic education, nutrition and for a child who appears to be tired or sleepy, he/she takes a rest so that he or she can study without fatigue.

ECD activities are some of the leading causes of 39% of stunting and malnutrition decrease in Nyaruguru district.

Emmanuel Murwanashyaka, the Mayor of Nyaruguru District, said, “We are now waiting for the new findings to be released, but to date, we are at 39.1% decrease in Stunting”

” We hope that today we are trying to ensure that every child has a healthy diet, ” he said.

Ms. Nikuze Adeline, a staff member at ADEPE Rwanda, said the ECDs will address the issue of lack of education care among children, which will also help their parents get time to go to work.

Speaking at the visit in Mata Sector, Ms. Nikuze said “There was no child care service here, this ECD has come to solve the problem of parents who have to be always with their children and in turn these parents are missing out on work. The ECD takes care of the children and this allows parents to go to work for the family’s wellbeing. “

The visited ECD has a capacity of accommodating 40 children. In addition to teaching children, this ECD also educates parents on how to cook a balanced diet for children, hygiene, caring for kitchen gardens, parenting and child care among others.

Mr. RUCAMUHIGO Gregoire, ADEPE Rwanda National Coordinator, told the media that this ECD centre has been renovated in collaboration with UN Women Rwanda and Nyaruguru District.

It is estimated that more than Rwf 25 million has been invested in the establishment of the ECD but in terms of equipment such as study aids, mattresses, diapers, cups, plates,… have all been donated by the UN Women and were valued at Rwf 30 million.

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