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Nyaruguru District and Citizen Centered Leadership

Citizens are given cows as part of Community and the well-being of the family.

The Nyaruguru District in the Southern Province of Rwanda is one of the districts that have experienced the highest level of poverty in the past and has been plagued by a lack of infrastructure for the overall development of the population.

However, with an immediate solution, the Government has directed all the necessary support to change the living conditions among the population of Nyaruguru through various programs targeting education, infrastructure, improved agriculture and livestock, developing local industries such as Tea business among others.   

Later, the idea of ​​developing the District was followed by the construction of the Huye-Kibeho-Munini-Ngoma tarmac road, which has already changed the face of the district known as the district of agriculture and religious tourism.

Explicitly, Nyaruguru District is also home to a unique history of the sacred landscapes of Holy Mary and currently the government of Rwanda in collaboration with other stakeholders including the Catholic Church continues to make every effort to make this place a place of religious tourism which will be unique and meet the standard as enshrined in the country and church’s development plans.

Last week, while visiting the development activities in Nyaruguru District, the Governor of the Southern Province Mrs. Kayitesi Alice urged the District Administration not to be latent thinking that they have attained all needed development despite being a district that is ahead of others when you look at the community development aspects.

Ms. Kayitesi said this when she was accompanied by various other leaders including district councilors who were visiting some of the achievements of the citizens in Nyaruguru district.

They visited three sectors namely Munini, Rusenge, Kibeho and Cyahinda. During the visit, the District was commended for its leadership in implementing the development plans for the citizens and the country as a whole.

Ms. Kayitesi encouraged all development partners including citizens themselves to keep working hard in the quest for sustainable development.

“We have to say that the Nyaruguru District is in a good position in many ways, both in terms of economic development and social welfare,” said Governor Kayitesi.

She cites the fact that the District has the highest number of people accessing the Electricity, which is highly attributed to the Rwandan government for its continued care of the Nyaruguru District

“In addition, the district still has the trophy to fulfill all Government planned activities,” she said.

She further added that by contributing to the Health Insurance Scheme 2022/2023 which will start in July, the district is leading countrywide in making such contributions on time.

Speaking to the media shortly after receiving the Governor’s advices, the Nyaruguru District Mayor Mr. Emmanuel Murwanashyaka told the media that “The task they have given us is our daily work, what we need to look at first is to see if we understand where to put efforts and the needed energy to put in. So, as the Governor urged, we have to do our best to reach the needed results”

“In a nutshell, the governor has shown us that we have solutions and that we need to work together with stakeholders and the staff of the District and every citizen.” Mr. Murwanashyaka explained.

“If we put in the effort as a whole, as today is a day of solidarity, a day of  strengthening the partnership with our stakeholders, we have to do more and reach the people and help the community to solve remaining challenges while at the same time providing better services to our citizens.” He added.

(Written by Isabella Iradukunda Elisabeth, Edited by DUSABEMUNGU Ange de la Victoire)

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