April 1, 2023


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City of Kigali, Safi Universal Link E-mobility Company join hands to increase the number of female motorcyclists in green transport

These women have completed the pilot phase of the project

By Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

The Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, the City of Kigali and Safi Universal Link, an E-mobility company operating in Rwanda, have launched a women empowerment project that seeks to empower women and girls in green transport, digital tech, and ecofriendly logistics & delivery.

 As part of the government’s strong stand on gender equity, different stakeholders, agencies, and NGO’s have come together to ensure the women involvement success in local governance transcends into similar achievements in the public sector with emphasis on emerging 21st century technologies including green mobility and digital economy.

It is in that regard that Safi Universal Link has partnered with the City of Kigali and MIGEPROF to launch the Women Empowerment in Entrepreneurship project (WEIE).

According to Lily Ngarambe, the WEIE Project Coordinator, the project was designed with the main purpose of empowering women in green transport, digital tech, and ecofriendly logistics & delivery.

The existing gender gap in the transportation and logistics sector is further deepened by the fact that green mobility is relatively nascent in a predominantly male industry.

 Along with the project partners, Safi Universal Link is set to diversify the highlighted sectors by launching phase one of the WEIE project on this June 2nd 2022 that will see 120 female trainees empowered with professional riding skills, leveraging tech tools for income generation, eco friendly ecommerce logistics, and customer engagement and interaction throughout the 3 months course of the project.

“I want to speak directly to the beneficiaries. We’re here to support you and you have a duty and all we need from you is hard work. And determination, dedication and confidence,” said Mr Tony Adesina who is the founder of Safirun Logistics, Safiride, SUL E-Mobility and Guraride.

Speaking at the launch event, Urujeni Martine, the Vice Mayor in Charge of Socio-Economic Affairs in the City of Kigali urged women and girls who are going to be trained in E-mobility to make sure that the acquired skills are benefiting them, their family and the country in general.

“It is important that we see the girls who have achieved this in the pilot phase of the project and are doing well in both riding and repairing. During the 90 days of the training, you will receive life-changing knowledge because you have the will” Urujeni adds.

Tony Adesina, the founder of Safirun Logistics, Safiride, SUL Mobility and Guraride
Future e-mobility riders taking a photo with Rwandan Artist Buravan
These women are going to be trained TO BECOME Motorcyclists in the Near future
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