June 1, 2023


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Rwanda: Democratic Green Party wants over 50% of Rwanda’s territory to be covered by forests

Dr. Frank Habineza speaking at the Press Conference in Kigali on Friday, 5th August 2022 (PHOTO: TOP AFRICA NEWS)

While Rwanda continues to enjoy the fact that it has fulfilled its commitment to have 30% of the national territory covered by forests, the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda requests that this cover continue to expand up to over 50% of the national land.

Green Party made the remark on Friday, 05 August 2022 during a press conference that tackled various subjects including the environment.

Currently, the Ministry of Environment in Rwanda says that 30.4% of the national territory is covered by forests. The afforestation success was achieved after different measures and different policies that have been put in place in order to restore the degraded forests which has also led to positive changes including the creation of green jobs among the local community.

The president of the Green Party of Rwanda, Dr. Frank Habineza says that the Green Party wants Rwanda to increase the forest cover in order to continue combating desertification and soil erosion.

“Planting forests is one thing and protecting them is another,” he said.

He added that “There are times when forests are planted but you find that they are not protected.”

“So we have to increase the forest cover but also maintain it.” Dr. Habineza said.

He explained that if forests are managed properly, they will help the country in fighting desertification and erosion.

President of the Green Party of Rwanda, Dr. Frank Habineza

Dr. Habineza noted that the Green Party will continue to fight against businesses that emit pollutants whether in the air or on the soil of Rwanda.

He said, “There are cases where some industries have not any specific way to dispose of the wastes from their operations and send them into the water bodies. These should also be stopped because they harm human life and the environment.”

He went on to say that Rwanda is doing a lot to protect the environment, but more efforts should be made.

Among the Green Party’s concerns are people who operate without regard to environmental impact assessments.

He said, “We want everyone to comply with the environmental protection laws, especially regarding the Environmental Impact Assessment Law.”

On the issue of erosion, Dr. Frank Habineza says that the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda will continue to campaign for the tightening of anti-erosion programs and to be respected so that the erosion problem is solved 100%.

“This is mainly due to the fact that it has been found that erosion is a very serious problem because it damages the rivers and streams of Rwanda,” he said.

He gave the example of the Nyabarongo bassin and the Akagera River where the siltation is too high to confirm that the measures to combat erosion should be tightened.

Although the Press conference was not only about the environment, it was clear that the Green Party is breaking the boundaries of what it should focus on in the future, given that next year Rwanda enters the election period where the parties will show the people what they prioritize and will strive for.

During the press conference, DGPR had the occasion to present achievements made in various sectors since officially registered as a legal party in Rwanda.
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