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Graduates at Esther’s aid showcased their practical knowledge as they complete their academic studies


The practical knowledge demonstrated by the students trained at Esther’s aid is proof that this school provides quality education as confirmed by the testimonies we gathered during the final practical exams and presentations that were held at the school’s premises which is located in the Kacyiru sector, in the City of Kigali.

On Tuesday, 27th September 2022, students who are completing the culinary Arts courses at Esther’s aid held a practical exam during which renowned chefs from the food industry were present as they marked their skills by following the academic guidelines.


Based on the factual evidence witnessed during the practical session, the Workplace Learning Programme facilitates trainees at Esther’s aid to gain practical knowledge that responds to the challenges of lack of qualified employees in the labor market. 

Having a specific subject that is offered to the young people in its fullness also helps learners to get necessary skills that help them to pursue their career dreams in culinary arts and food production industry.

According to Eliakim, one of the chefs and trainers at Esther’s aid “The main course that the school offers is culinary arts.”

However, he adds that “in that use, we give them a bit of knowledge in food and beverage, housekeeping, and a bit of a Start so that they are all round.”

 “But our core subject and our core area is culinary arts.” Eliakim emphasized.

“We have two groups: we have a group that comes for six months, then we have a group that comes for 15 months training. So at the moment, we are having a group that is doing exams now, both 15 months and six months. They’ve just come from the industry so this is their final project or their final exam before they graduate.” He explained.

“The quality we are giving the labour market is extraordinary. So, we see the way they perform when they come back, the knowledge they get from the industry and when they get out there, the feedback that we get is quite amazing. So we are really pleased that the quality we’re giving out there is quite good.” Eliakim revealed.

“Today we have a total of about 71 students who are doing the final practical exams and presentations. For sure if you want to study culinary arts, specifically about food production assets. Esther’s aid is the best place” He said.

In her testimony she gave to TOP AFRICA NEWS Media,  Agasaro Angel, commended Esther’s aid and all the staff adding that they have been of help from day one to the last day.

“First of all, Esther’s aid is a school for everyone. If you have school fees, or you don’t have them, they give opportunities to young people through scholarships. I want to thank everyone, the students whom I have studied with and everyone who was part of us throughout everything and helped us.” she said.

“ I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned culinary, I’ve learned bakery. I’ve learned pastry and I can also start my own business due to the knowledge I have acquired at Esther’s aid.” Agasaro said.

“I am ready to start my own business because I already have the best skills.” she added.

Esther’s aid is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring hope by providing free life changing skills and educational programs to impoverished youths and exploited women. They are trained to be a part of their community development program, which will ultimately help them become productive adults.

Members of the Judging comittee as they arrive for marking of practical Exam. They met with Esther’s Aid director and Founder Clare Effiong
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