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Nairobi: Africa-Madagascar representatives meet over the Development of Quality Training Manuals for Salesian TVET centres

By Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

From the 24th October, 2022, the Don Bosco Tech Africa in collaboration with the Centre for Urban Rural Youth Development Programmes (CURYDP) has organized a five-day workshop development of training manuals for the upgraded six trades for Don Bosco TVET centres in Africa and Madagascar. The six trades are; Electrical, hairdressing and cosmetology, building and construction, Tailoring, ICT and Agriculture.

Speaking at the opening session of the training, Father George Tharaniyil, the Executive Director of Don Bosco Tech Africa told participants from various Salesian TVET Centres that “We are here because we all belong to one Network, and we all belong to one big family of Don Bosco Tech Africa.”

He explained that “Don Bosco Tech Africa is not an office in Nairobi” adding that “ Don Bosco Tech Africa is all of us.”

Father George continued noting that “We are here because we are all united with one objective of empowering our young people in our TVETs. We want to give them quality of life. We want them to have good employment.”

“Through the quality education, they will get quality jobs that will enable them to have quality of life.” He added.

Don Bosco Tech Africa has supported various TVET centres in Africa to upgrade their education facilities as part of the global modernisation programme.

In Rwanda and Burundi, Don Bosco Tech Africa has supported the modernization of Don Bosco Rango TVET School which is located in the Southern Province of Rwanda, while in Burundi, Don Bosco Buterere TVET centre benefited from the programme.

Father George explained that “after upgrading the training centers what is next is to ensure that the education that is provided to the young people also responds to their needs and needs of the society.”

“We have upgraded our training centers and then after we should also have quality training manuals, then the curriculum also has to follow what we teach.” He said

“We cannot say that the government asks us to teach this only! No, we need to go beyond….” He added.

“That’s why we want to improve the manuals for the trades that we upgraded. And by doing that, we are improving the quality of our TVET Education.” Father George explained.

“So, as we develop these manuals, we also would like to see that each of these manuals also contribute to preserving the environment. And now you are here, at least half of you I know have had the chance to go also to the industry to see how these trainings that you are teaching are being used in the industry. And you have seen what is needed in the industry.” Said Father George.

Salesians of Don Bosco in Africa are putting more efforts in the modernization of technical and vocational education as part of enabling young people to play an active role in responding to the needs of the job market while at the same time contributing to the socio-economic development not only in their families but also in the society.

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