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GGGI Rwanda Team visits DON BOSCO House to chart the way on the promotion of sustainable mobility for School-going children

On Monday, 7th November, 2022, Father Servilien Ufitamahoro, the Director of the Salesian Planning and Development Office who is also the salesian provincial economer received at his Office in Kimihurura, a delegation from Global Green Growth Institute-Rwanda who presented to him the Bike Bus Initiative that seeks to promote the sustainable mobility especially for the children who uses the Kimihurura roads while coming to school or going back home after school hours. The  Bike Bus initiative is a new initiative in Rwanda.

The Global Green Growth Institute Rwanda (GGGI Rwanda) wants to organize an activity known as Bike Bus in the Kimihurura area as part of the Green project that seeks to promote sustainable mobility in the urban areas.

Kimihura is seen as a good place to start the initiative where young people especially the students of Don Bosco School in Kimihurura can be sensitize on the use of environmentally friendly mobility such as the use of bikes, scooter,  walking, jogging and many other ways that are favouring the environmental friendly urban movement.

GGGI Rwanda Team meets the Provincial Economer

In our concept, a Bike Bus will be a method that will inspire kids to go to school by bicycle, thus reducing the cost of transportation and the pollution of the air mainly from vehicles that use gasoline and diesel while transporting kids to school.

Normally, a bike bus, also known as a bike train or a cycle train, or cycle bus is a group of people who cycle together on a set route following a set timetable.

The GGGI is supporting the Government of Rwanda in the development

ent of clean and green cities. The program that GGGI Rwanda has initiated in the city of Kigali includes the Bike Sharing system that has been introduced in the city of Kigali by GuraRide and the support of other projects including E-motos, Green Buildings and Waste Management.

Through Bike Bus, it is hoped that a Bike Bus campaign will be launched in Kimihurura in collaboration with Don Bosco School as it has  kids that can fully participate in this special event.

According to the GGGI Team “If all concerned parties are supportive to this initiative, the first ever Bike Bus event shall be organized by GGGI Rwanda and Don Bosco School in an efficient way so that kids will be safe while riding bicycles on the streets of Kimihurura.”

A PE teacher at Alameda Elementary School, captains this morning’s bike bus down NE Klickitat Street. (Photos: Jonathan Maus/BikePortland)

The importance of such an initiative is to train children to practice sports, to use bicycles while going to and from school, to support environmental protection programs with an emphasis on non-polluting transportation, etc.

The Future shall be Green

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