June 17, 2024


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Here are 7 quick tips on how to rebuild your life effectively:

What can I do to rebuild my life?

  1. Start writing. Writing is a weapon that will help you fight your inner demons. You’ll be a soldier wandering through the dark parts of your mind destroying all your enemies that try to unbalance your mental health. You’ll have a richer structure, you’ll have a better choice of words and when you’ll speak you’ll carry more impact. You’ll have better introspection skills. You’ll know yourself.
  2. Invest in your mind. Read about the famous works of psychologists, sociologists, and philosophers. Read literature, poetry, and self-development books. Expose your mind to the best. You’ll open your doors of perception to new realities. You’ll embrace new mindsets that will transform you for the better. I have read Dostoevsky, Hesse, and Kafka. I have read Foucault, Chomsky, and Nietzsche. My mind is a rich garden with flowers that have blossomed across all its space.
  3. Train yourself with the best methods. Here is a little short story about my life. I had less than 6 months. I wanted to get in the cross country team of my university. I did HIIT (High-intensity interval training) on the biggest hill of my hometown during all summer. I went from an average physical condition to a college athlete shape in less than 3 months. I have managed to surpass a guy that was on a team for more than 2 years. I had no coach, no gym, no equipment. Only myself with the terrain and my will to surpass my goals.
  4. Start taking classes in self-expression. I’m talking about acting, improv, public speaking, drawing, writing, painting, and dance. You’ll meet new people that want to develop themselves for the better. You’ll feel less lonely. You’ll learn to present yourself differently. You’ll gain insights into how to convey emotions appropriately. You’ll nurture your creativity.
  5. Hire a professional coach. I wanted to get into the best program in my country at the top university. I had money, but I wasn’t ready. I managed to get in touch with a coach that was supervising medical doctor. She had a network of contacts. She got me with the head of the department of radiology at a top hospital. I got an internship with him to shadow. She gave me tips to develop my emotional intelligence. I gained knowledge about who I was in all situations. I learned to develop a plan in the short, middle, and long-term to reach my objectives. I wrote SMART goals.
  6. Develop a positive mindset. You’re going to face failures. You can’t control what happens to you. But you can decide what you’re going to do about it. It’s how you react to setbacks in your life that will define you. I come from a poor background. My mother was on social welfare all her life. I saw my dad died in front of me when I was 18. I never knew him. Yet I managed to accomplish 2 years of my bachelor with a perfect GPA, won many awards, get into accepted medical school twice, and join the army at 17. I was popular, famous, and respected among my peers. I learned the hard way. Through the difficulties of life, I’ve learned to be resilient.
  7. Learn the balance of being a producer versus a consumer. You are maybe reading this right now. You are consuming information on the internet that was crafted for your benefit. But you can turn your life around by switching roles. You can learn to produce your own content for the welfare of others. That way you’ll change your perspective on the way you are interacting with the information that is presented to you. You’ll try to understand it in a way that you could teach it to others later. We say that the person who teaches learns twice. Start a blog, a Youtube channel or a Quora page.
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