April 23, 2024


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Stunning Photos Show Kigali Beauty in Green

Kigali City goes clean and Green

Resilient cities are cities that have the ability to absorb, recover and prepare for future shocks (economic, environmental, social & institutional).

If one says that Kigali is one of those cities it would not be wrong.

According to UNEP, Nature-based Solutions (NbS) can help cities address urgent and fundamental environmental challenges by bringing ecosystem services back into cities and rebalancing cities’ relationships with their surrounding areas. By accelerating the implementation of NbS, decision-makers can help cities adapt to effects of climate change, reduce urban heat island effects and cooling needs in buildings, clean air, and manage water.

Cities worldwide are increasingly suffering the effects of climate-related and other challenges and hazards such as floods, droughts, sea level rise, heatwaves, landslides, and storms.

Greening the cities with a variety of green initiatives such as planting trees is one of the adaptation actions that can help in dealing with the effects of climate change including the reduction of heatwaves and cleaning the air.

Below Slide Photos show how Kigali turns green to respond to climate change.

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