July 15, 2024


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President Kagame to join upcountry Citizens in Car Free Day Mass sport

President Paul Kagame has revealed the intention to start going to different provinces to join upcountry citizens in Car Free Day, the popular sporting activity that takes place twice a month and aims to promote a healthier lifestyle & a green city.

President Kagame revealed the intention to join upcountry citizens in this sporting activity when he was responding to one of the Twitter users who praised the Car Free Day event that took place on Sunday, January 22, 2022, which was attended by Paul Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame.

Commenting on the Presidency’s Twitter Post, One Placide Art Rwand Tm PK said, “How good it would be if they visit us in the province and do sports together.”

President Kagame then replied that it is very possible and asked Twitter users for their opinions on where to start.

President Kagame Twitted, “Even if it’s not yet, it won’t be long…..it will be possible very soon….. Advice: What province do you think we should start in!?? 🙂

President Kagame and the First Lady often participate in Car Free Day Sport activities that are often held in the city of Kigali.

If he is going to join the people of other provinces in that sport, it will be for the first time.

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