June 17, 2024


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Over Rwf 3 billion needed to evict affected Communities in Nduba Landfill surrounding Area

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The City of Kigali has announced that plans are underway to relocate families surrounding the Nduba Landfill.

This will respond to the concerns of the local populations who have continued to lament the Landfill to be dangerous as some of the residents are suffering from various diseases and other infections caused by many flies that come from the landfill zone and spread to the nearby homes.

Based on the problems they are facing, the residents are asking the administration of the City of Kigali, which is in charge of the Nduba landfill, to evict them and find them somewhere else to live, so that they can continue to have a good life like other citizens.

The administration of the City of Kigali says that since 2012, they have relocated about 821 residents from the area for reasons of public interest, while about 80 remain to be relocated.

However, the City’s administration said they are still struggling to get the budget as it requires about three billion Rwandan francs.

The Vice-Mayor in charge of Urbanisation and Infrastructure in the City of Kigali, Dr. Merard Mpabwanmaguru, has recently said that even though the Nduba Landfill has enough space, the relocation of affected residents will continue for them to have a decent place to live.

He said, “We still have about 80 families that we have to relocate. However, we are facing the budget constraints which is our responsibility to find the solution. We need a budget of more than three billion Rwandan francs so that we can move all the people in the affected area”.

He added, “In this fiscal year we have about 23 people that we want to relocate, the council has already approved the value of their properties, about 17 people have already submitted documents to receive money, their files are in the department our financial system so that they receive the money before this month of February”.

The city of Kigali has an area of ​​731 km and is inhabited by a little over 1.6 million people, while the Nduba landfill receives between 550-600 tons of waste per day. It is expected that in 2030 it will be receiving 900 tons.

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