May 20, 2024


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Best tips to become a good environmental Journalist

In any field or a career, it is not enough to have a degree to become the best you want to be in your domain or area of working.

There are key things that one should do to maximize his/her potential in her/his field where he/she has to spend most of the time to make a living.

TOP AFRICA NEWS has gathered some of the Best tips to become a good environmental journalist.

Do the research

As any environmental journalist, don’t always think that being a good reporter in matters concerning the environment will only make you a good environmental journalist. Rather you should also start reading environment books to be familiar with the terms in your reporting and have an extended knowledge in the sector.

Build Connection

Having connections with environmentalists and other key persons in the sector will help you to increase your chances in becoming the top environmental reporter since many of those connections can act as your information scoop which will always put you in the best position in providing accurate and timely environmental news for your audience.

Train more

There are many short courses online that can help you to sharpen your skills as an environmental journalist. Enroll in those courses wherever you think they are contributing to your knowledge growth since many of the environmental journalists have only pursued journalism or mass communication which is one of the reasons why they should train more in the specialized reporting sector.

Become a friend of nature

You can’t do what you don’t like. Writing or reporting about the environment also requires that spirit of loving what you are working for. You need to become a friend of nature to be able to advocate for it or give your opinion when you feel the urge to contribute your personal views as a specialized reporter in Environmental Journalism.

Next time, we will see the needed Environmental Journalism in the face of Climate Change

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