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EARTHDAY.ORG Partners with Kanu Hawai‘i in Honor of The Pledge to Our Keiki

Washington D.C. (April 12, 2023)– EARTHDAY.ORG (EDO), the global organizer of Earth Day and lead recruiter to the environmental movement worldwide, announced today their partnership with Kanu Hawai‘i in support of The Pledge to Our Keiki. Together, alongside the Hawaii State Department of Education, government officials, and other nonprofits, EDO and Kanu Hawai‘i have committed to demanding social responsibility from all sectors of the tourism industry to ensure the protection of Hawaii’s sacred spaces and a sustainable future for all.

“This April, we are uniting with stakeholders of all backgrounds to Invest In Our Planet for Earth Day and every day that follows,” said Evan Raskin, National Campaign Manager at EARTHDAY.ORG “In Hawaii, this is beginning to manifest in the Pledge to Our Keiki. When leaders across the islands uphold the pledge through bold climate policy, pollution remediation, and required environmental literacy in both public education and the tourism sector, they are building the foundation for a prosperous future that communities everywhere should emulate.”

The Pledge to Our Keiki is a promise for a sustainable future and reducing human impact on the environment for generations to come. Created by local students and modeled after the successful Palau Pledge, The Pledge to Our Keiki commits to respect and care for life, land, and water by calling on people, businesses, and government agencies to safeguard Hawaii’s natural resources, reduce waste, and promote a sustainable future.

“The most important thing we can do for the planet is to make a personal commitment to positive change and TAKE ACTION to make it so,” says Kanu Hawai‘i Executive Director Keone Kealoha. “The Pledge To Our Keiki offers our community of residents and visitors the opportunity to adopt a new perspective that we are all guests of these beautiful islands.”

To assist in achieving 50,000-signature for the pledge by the end of the year, and in honor of Hawaii’s environmental and cultural stewardship focus, EARTHDAY.ORG has named Kanu Hawai‘i and The Pledge to Our Keiki our Showcase of Exemplary Efforts for Earth Day 2023. From attempting Hawaii’s largest dive cleanup with over 700 divers and uniting nearly 100 countries at sunrise for E Ala Ē, a Hawaiian sunrise chant, to their event at the Hawaii State Capitol bringing hundreds of government officials, business leaders, and dignitaries to sign The Pledge to Our Keiki, Kanu Hawai‘i is a leading example of what it means to 

Invest in Our Planet.

People, governments, and businesses can sign the online “Pledge to Our Keiki” as their first act of service and a sign of commitment to leaving Hawaii better than they found it. To learn more about the pledge, please visit

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