May 20, 2024


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AgroPlast, others recognized for Leading the Charge in Plastic Recycling and Collection in Rwanda

When it comes to environmental sustainability, few countries have made as much progress as Rwanda. Over the past few years, the nation has made major strides in becoming a plastic-free society by banning single-use plastics, enforcing strict regulations on plastic waste management and promoting eco-friendly alternatives. And among the companies leading the charge in this crucial movement is AgroPlast – a company that has emerged as a key player in the collection and recycling of plastics in Rwanda. 

At this year’s World Environment celebration, companies working in the collection and recycling of plastics in Rwanda have been recognised for their vital efforts.

Among the companies that have received the recognition from the Ministry of Environment and Rwanda Environment Management Authority include AgroPlast Ltd.

Agroplast utilises new technology to produce construction and packaging materials solely from collected and recycled plastic waste, safeguarding the environment.

Other companies include Enviroserve which has set up collection points across the country to gather plastic waste, which is then used as primary raw materials for manufacturing new products.

Toto Safi creates reusable, eco-friendly baby care products like diapers, breast pads, and wet bags, promoting cost-effectiveness and reducing single-use materials.

Sibo Engineering Co. through microwave pyrolysis, they recycle plastic materials and transform them into building and furniture materials.

Ecoplastic, pioneering plastic waste recycling, they produce new sheets for construction, rubbish bags, and other everyday materials from collected plastics.

Soft Packaging recycle plastic materials and create various types of packaging that are continually recycled, contributing to environmental protection.

Kalisimbi Depot utilises advanced technology to produce construction materials, such as bricks and pavement components, using a blend of 30% plastic and 70% sand.

Skol in a move towards eco-friendly packaging, they transformed their Virunga water bottles from plastic to glass, eliminating plastic usage.

The companies recognized for leading the charge in plastic recycling and collection are setting an example for others to follow.

By promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship, they are contributing to a cleaner and healthier future for Rwanda and the world.

It is everyone’s responsibility to do their part in reducing plastic waste, and these companies have shown that it is possible to make a difference by working together towards a common goal.

As we continue to face the global plastic crisis, let us all strive to emulate their success and create a better world for generations to come.

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