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From Zero to 10,000: How Rwanda’s Capital Market University Challenge is Empowering Students

TAN Reporter

It’s been 10 years since Rwanda’s capital market began its journey towards educating and empowering the youth in the country through the #UniChallengeRw Campaign. And what a journey it has been! Over the decade, the market has reached over 10,000 students, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to make informed investment decisions.

According to Mr. Migisha Magnifique, the Capital Market University Challenge Coordinator, “This is basically a program that was kick-started by the Capital Market Authority which is the regulatory body of the Rwanda’s capital market industry.”

“Basically this particular campaign is a public education and awareness program that targets university students to help them to know much better about the capital market industry.” He said

“And as you know, most students, they follow different courses. But this program is not only open for those students who pursue economics, finance, or any other course related to the capital market. It’s open to all students. And I’m happy to share with you that this year we have even a contestant who emerged on provincial level from the School of Journalism at the University of Rwanda,” Migisha explained during the Twitter space that shed light on the #UniChallengeRw program.

 “So this year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Capital Market University Challenge. For the past 10 years, the Capital Market Authority reached to more than 10,000 students.” He revealed.

This program helps the student to become future investors.

“As we speak, we have students who started saving in investment clubs. So throughout this particular program, students learn more about the capital market industry. And they have so many options, either to become professionals, to join the industry as a workforce, but they can invest for the future.” Migisha said.

He noted that there are so many saving and investment vehicles at the capital market where one can invest even invest starting from only 2,000 Rwandan francs.

“Our students who go through this particular program, they learned many techniques. They gain knowledge and skills on how the capital market operates. And through this program, students, they learn more about the capital market and they are our ambassadors. They share information about capital market to their parents, to their friends. So they are doing an amazing job. And they got practical experience.” The campaign coordinator said.

“As we close the 10th edition of the Capital Market University Challenge, at the awarding ceremony, our students are not given cash. They be given shares, bond, or unit from the correct investment here in Rwanda. So they are being taught on how they can invest for themselves.” He said.

“Another important thing I want to highlight is that in the past editions, we have got so many success stories. Basically, some students started their business. I can share with you some students from University of Rwanda. They started agribusiness activities whereby the award they got at the finals, they used it to kickstart their agribusiness in farming garlic. So that was a huge success story to see how students, they use the investment, the saving to kickstart a big business. And we had other students from University of Rwanda campus who started a small business to train their fellows in statistics.” He added

“Students, young people, feel free to join the industry so that you can learn more. Plan for your future. There are so many opportunities in the capital market industry to help you to shape your future.” He concludes.

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