July 18, 2024


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Deluxe and John F Hunt use carbon accounting engine Normative to stay competitive

  • Carbon reporting legislation is increasing globally, placing more requirements on businesses to account for their full carbon emissions.
  • Businesses that effectively manage their carbon emissions are well placed to seize competitive advantages.
  • Deluxe and John F Hunt Ltd. use Normative to power their decision making and underpin their competitiveness

The world’s first carbon accounting engine Normative continues to empower enterprise customers with carbon data to stay compliant with legislation, drive emissions reductions, and capture business opportunities. Recently signed-up customers Deluxe and John F Hunt Ltd. are amongst the thousands of businesses that inform their decision making with accurate and robust carbon data powered by Normative.

We are on our decarbonisation journey because the planet desperately needs us to, but also because it makes good business sense – encompassing cost savings, workforce, customer and investor relations, and business resilience,” says Dee Davison, Global Director of Sustainability at Deluxe, a customer of Normative.

Carbon reporting legislation is becoming a pressure point for companies. Europe is about to implement a major change in the reporting standards and requirements for carbon as part of the European Green Deal. These changes will require more companies to account for their carbon footprints over a broader scope and in greater detail. Additionally, the UK’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) policy requires organisations to share energy use and carbon emissions data in their annual reports.

Those that stay ahead of the curve will mitigate their risk and capture business opportunities. Companies using carbon insights will be able to drive effective emissions reductions throughout their operations and value chain, and can deliver business outcomes such as improved brand equity, talent attraction, and operational efficiency.

  • 77% of consumers say it’s at least moderately important that brands are sustainable and environmentally responsible.
  • 2 in 3 employees are more likely to work for a company with strong environmental policies.
  • Investors will pay a 10% premium for a company with a positive ESG record.

Deluxe is the world’s leading multimedia company, with content creators, broadcasters, streaming platforms, and distributors to create, transform, localize, and distribute their content. In 2023, Deluxe started to work with Normative to calculate their entire carbon footprint.

Without an accurate baseline, it’s very hard to monitor progress toward your goals. Carbon accounting is complex, and having good data is so important to see the full extent of your business’s environmental impact”, Dee Davison continues.

Another recently signed customer to Normative is John F Hunt Ltd., a multi-disciplined group of 21 companies and divisions in the construction industry. Through developing more efficient technologies, recycling, and waste minimization, John F Hunt aims to reach net zero by 2050 and is working with Normative to calculate their carbon emissions.

“Over the past few years, we have seen an increasing demand from our clients to disclose our carbon emissions on a regular basis. For us, it is a business imperative to have accurate and up-to-date emissions data available. We calculate our emissions on a monthly basis, and with Normative we can do this in a resource-efficient and accurate way, so we always have our current footprint ready at our fingertips.” saysTom Seath, Sustainability Manager at John F Hunt.

“Through having data to hand we can influence business practices in real time rather than looking back retrospectively. Normative allows us to highlight areas that contribute to our footprint and engage with our supply chain to drive down our emissions as we seek to become Net-Zero” Tom Seath continues.

Today, thousands of businesses rely on Normative to provide accurate carbon accounting. Normative’s carbon accounting methodology is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and the engine enables businesses to comprehensively calculate their emissions. Normative draws from over 30 million data points to translate a business’s activities and financial spend into a carbon footprint calculation. Powered by automation, the engine is especially valuable for large enterprises, whose complex operations and value chains are difficult to parse manually.

At the same time, enterprises are facing challenges dealing with blind spots in their extensive value chains. This prevents businesses from gaining full insight into the risks and opportunities tied to their emissions.

We see over and over again from our customers that staying ahead of the curve with carbon accounting can also translate into ROI and opportunities,” says Maggie Buggie, COO of Normative.

Normative aims to address this challenge by launching a new network later this year, which will bring businesses and their suppliers closer together further closing the gap towards more accurate carbon data.

We are thrilled to be rolling out our full value chain engagement offering in the next six months. With the carbon network we are building, enterprises can call on and draw data across their value chain through a simple and streamlined network,” says Maggie Buggie.

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