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Empowerment in the Face of Adversity: Orphan Single Mother, Chantal, Discovers Hope and Stability through Skill Training and Goat Rearing

Ruhango: July 25, 2023: In a tale of resilience and determination, Chantal, an orphan single mother, has defied the odds and found a new sense of hope and stability, all thanks to life-changing support from Women Progress Family (WPF Rwanda). Living in the picturesque rural landscape of Ruhango District, Chantal’s life took a transformative turn when she received essential skill training and goats, setting her on a path towards a brighter future.

Chantal’s journey has been marked by hardships, having lost her parents at a young age. As a single mother, she faced the daunting task of providing for her young daughter, aged seven, with limited resources and opportunities. Life was a constant struggle, and sending her daughter to school and putting food on the table seemed like distant dreams.

In 2019, Chantal’s life changed when she became a beneficiary of Women Progress Family, a grassroots Non-Profit Organization dedicated to empowering vulnerable women and eradicating poverty in rural communities.

Through WPF’s comprehensive skill training programs, Chantal learned valuable income-generating skills, equipping her to earn a livelihood and support her daughter. The training served as a turning point in her life, igniting her determination to break free from the cycle of poverty.

But the transformation did not stop there. WPF provided Chantal with a goat together with her other 125 peers who benefited from the project, a gesture that would prove to be a game-changer for her and her daughter.

The goats became a source of sustainable income for Chantal, as they produced two adorable babies. With careful nurturing and guidance from WPF’s experts, she successfully raised the goats, which multiplied her assets and offered a steady income stream.

“Receiving the goat was a turning point in my life. Not only did they provide us with a source of income, but they also brought joy and hope back into our lives,” shared Chantal, her face radiant with happiness.

The income generated from selling goat manure and goat kids enabled Chantal to send her daughter to school, ensuring she receives a quality education and a chance at a better future. Additionally, the steady income allowed her to provide nutritious food for her family, enhancing their overall well-being.

“I am proud to see my daughter going to school and having the opportunity to dream big. The support from Women Progress Family has changed our lives in ways I could have never imagined,”

Chantal expressed with heartfelt gratitude.

Chantal’s inspiring journey serves as a testament to the impact of empowering women through skill training and sustainable income-generating projects. Her story highlights the importance of investing in vulnerable women, who, with the right support, can overcome challenges and thrive.

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“Chantal’s success story exemplifies the transformative power of empowering single mothers and orphans. At Women Progress Family, we believe in providing not just a handout, but a hand-up, enabling them to build a better future for themselves and their families,” said a representative from Women Progress Family.

As Chantal continues her journey towards empowerment, she serves as an inspiration to her community and a living testament to the power of compassionate support.

Women Progress Family remains steadfast in their mission to uplift the lives of vulnerable women like Chantal, striving to create a world where every woman has the opportunity to break barriers and lead a life of dignity and hope.

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